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Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies

30 Jun

JB and I are finding that it is challenging to dig into the archives of our brains and recite nursery rhymes or sing lullabies or childhood songs to our daughter. We both seem to remember the beginning of the songs or rhymes, but then find that we have to get creative to make our way through to the finish. Last night, this was a conversation we had:

JB (to Madelynn): There was an old lady that lived in a shoe. She had twelve children and nothing to do.
LB: Oh, come on, if you have twelve children, you DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Believe me, you have plenty to do!
JB: No, I’m right. Go Google it.

Well, turns out that we were both wrong (she’s an old woman, not an old lady). Here is what Google turned up. We really need to get a nursery rhyme book before we start embelishing too much and really confusing our child once she starts talking to other kids!

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children she didn’t know what to do.
She gave them some broth without any bread.
She whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.

Man, that old woman was MEAN. I didn’t remember her being mean!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

29 Jun

Happy 43rd anniversary to my parents! It’s hard to imagine being married that long, but it is a good goal to strive towards.

My Full Circle Moment

26 Jun

This weekend was monumental for both Madelynn and I, as I took her to the pool for the first time. I suited her up in her brand new 12 month size swim suit (which was a bit TIGHT), and went to the pool at my gym, where we were the only people in the pool. She loved it, and I think I have a little water baby on my hands.

This was truly a full-circle moment for me (as Oprah would call it), as I used to teach Parent-Tot swim lessons, and always dreamed of teaching my own child to swim one day. It was so much fun to introduce her to the water, something I have loved all my life.

That afternoon, I noticed her eye was a bit gooky, and luckily, I trusted my instincts and called Pediatric Urgent Care, who confirmed she had pink eye. Luckily, they called in a prescription for her, and her eye is back to normal today. JB was convinced she got pink eye from the pool, but I’m sure that she got it from daycare the previous day.

On Sunday night, we went to a bar-b-que at a friend’s house in our neighborhood. Madelynn wore an adorable Baby Gap dress and matching hat that her Grandma Cook gave her. Unfortunately, in this picture, her dad had flipped up her hat so it looks a bit dorky. Also, she was fascinated by a man sitting across the table from her, so I couldn’t get her to look at me.


Here is a picture of my adorable niece, Kacey, who was quite fond of this naked baby doll for most of the party.


This is my friend’s daughter, Kali. All of the kids at the party were girls, and we laughed as they traded boots, sunglasses, and pushed around baby strollers.


Here I am with my daughter and my friend, Janyce, the host of our lovely bar-b-que. Notice the awsome sunset in the upper right hand corner.


And here is a picture of Madelynn on Friday, which was Rodeo Day at daycare. This outfit was a gift from my old college roommate, and was the hit of her room in daycare!


By the way, I swapped out Madelynn’s wardrobe this weekend to 6-9 month sizes, which are fitting her perfectly… Good golly, she is a big baby!

Moving On To Real Food

22 Jun

When the doctor told me last week I could start Madelynn on Rice Cereal, I wasn’t in a big rush. The whole eating real food thing just seems like a big mess and like it takes a lot more time and effort than a bottle.

But after talking to several moms I know, everyone was really excited, and said I must start her right away. Seriously, you’d think my child just won a full-ride scholarship the way some of these people got all revved up about Rice Cereal.

Yesterday, one of those mom friends gave me a bunch of infant cereal that she had left over, so I figured why not give it a shot?

I didn’t realize how entertaining it would be.

Madelynn was sitting in her Bumbo, and I handed JB the camera, telling him we were going to document her first taste of Rice Cereal.

“Why?” he asked. He didn’t understand why we needed to start her on cereal, and why we should bother photographing it.

After I put the first spoonful in her mouth, it was blatently obvious. The cereal just sat there on her tongue, and she had no idea what to do with it.

This was endlessly entertaining for us.

I’m not convinced that she got any actual nutrition from the effort, but it got a lot of laughs from her parents.




And now, an unrelated picture in honor of her father and grandfathers.


Little Miss Cranky Pants

20 Jun

Madelynn has been on the fritz lately. Something seems to be bugging her, but we’re not quite sure what it is. For the past week, she has been having full-on melt downs. It started last week around her bed time, but now it’s getting earlier, and lasting later.

Last night, she stayed up until midnight, even though we tried to start putting her down at 9pm. She was then up this morning at 5:30am. Ugha. I don’t know what happened to the baby that used to sleep 10 hours a night, but I sure miss her. She was a much happier baby, too.

Her new trick in the mornings is to be uninterested in food during the 45 minutes I’m pumping, when I try to feed her. She thinks this is playtime, and then when I’m done pumping and it’s time for me to get ready for work (when she would usually play and be content), that is when she wants to eat and gets really cranky. In fact, I’m starting to call her Miss Cranky Pants.

Yesterday, after refusing to eat for me for 45 minutes and then demanding her father feed her while she sucked at her liesure (making him late for work), we decided something needed to be done.

That something, I decided, is a hands free bottle. That’s right, as soon as it is mailed, Madelynn will now be able to feed herself when we get in a pinch. I firmly believe she should be held for feedings as much as possible, but at the times when she’s being finicky and not cooperating with our busy morning schedule, we’ll now have a backup plan.

*fingers crossed that this works*

And in the mean time, I sure hope whatever is bugging her subsides. I think it’s tummy issues, as she has been spitting up a lot more (she absolutely covered me in it yesterday after work). Her daycare caretaker said that all babies go through this. I’d call the pediatrician, but I’m sure he’d just tell me he doesn’t venture to guess why a baby cries (a quote I’ve heard several times from him).

Happy Baby, please come back.

She’s a BIG Baby

19 Jun

We had Madelynn’s 4 month appointment on Friday, and the verdict is in.

She is a gigantic baby.

It’s not surprising, considering the stock she comes from, but it has been confirmed — she is larger than 95% of the baby population in both height and weight.

Part of me is proud of my uber-healthy daughter. But part of me knows what it is like to envy petite women, and well, my daughter I’m sure is going to be anything but petite.

Here are her stats:
17 pounds, 8 ounces
26.5 inches long

As for the rest of the weekend, we stayed close to home. Both nights, we ate on the back patio (pronounced pott-io if you are in my family), where we sipped some wine and enjoyed our fountain.

For Father’s Day, we took the whole family, including our three black dogs and the baby on a hike. I then cooked JB a dinner of dungenous crab, which we paired with a lovely Chardonnay.

Madelynn has been having full on melt-downs right before bed for the past several days. We are pretty baffled by this behavior, as we try not to let her get over-tired or over-hungry, but she still lets loose.

That’s about all I have to report. Sorry I’m so uninspired today!

Perhaps I’ll Let My Baby Ride the Mechanical Bull…

15 Jun

I’m sure by now many of you have seen the public health campaign ad for breastfeeding. For those of you that haven’t seen it, the ad depicts pregnant women doing dangerous things, such as riding a mechanical bull or participating in log rolling (running on a log in the water). The ad then says something like, “you wouldn’t do things to put your baby at risk while you’re pregnant, why do it afterwards? Breastfeed exclusively for six months.”

I’m pretty livid about this campaign. First of all, not breastfeeding your baby doesn’t mean you’re putting your child’s life AT RISK, or that it is dangerous. You simply aren’t getting some of the antibodies that are in breastmilk. Period. So many women WANT to breastfeed, but can’t for some reason. Look at me – I tried like heck, but my baby was a “lazy sucker” (as dubbed by the lactation consultant) and my Pediatrician started having me supplement with a bottle of formula after every feeding, which gave her nipple confusion and the breastfeeding effort was officially OVER.

I was doing what my doctor said. Do these people think that by following my doctor’s advice I was putting my baby AT RISK?! Secondly, I spend about 2 1/2 hours a day pumping, but I can’t seem to keep up with my baby’s appetite, so I am forced to supplement with formula. That means I’m not “exclusively breastfeeding”, per what the ad says. So, once again, they are implying that I’m putting my baby at risk, despite all of my efforts.

I have tried pumping more (up to 4 hours a day). I have tried prescription medication to increase my milk supply. I have tried herbal supplements and teas to help my milk supply. Regardless of what I try, she is still getting between 8-12 ounces of formula a day.

I personally think that she is getting enough milk to get the health benefits, but am still in shock that anyone would say that not breastfeeding or exclusively breastfeeding is as risky as riding a mechanical bull in your third trimester.

No offense to my male readership, but I think that a man wrote that ad.

NBC Nightly News did a story on the ads last night, and interviewed one woman who said she quit her job so that she could breastfeed.

Well, goody good for you. We all don’t have that luxury.

That same woman then took the cameraman to her freezer, and showed rows upon rows of frozen breastmilk bags.

To that woman, I say, “bite me”. For all of the time I’ve spent at the pump, I should have frozen milk in reserve, but I evidently have lazy boobs, so I don’t appreciate her rubbing her over-achieving boobs in my face.


OK, rant over. Continue on with your normal daily activities.

The Life of a Working Mom

14 Jun

Not much to report around here, besides being tired… And I think I’m going to be tired for at least the next 18 years. Before motherhood, I would come home from a long day at work, and take a quick nap, then perhaps go out for a bike ride, swim or jog. Now, I come home and try to cram in as much quality time as I can with my baby.

But I have to admit, there are times when I pray that she’ll want a nap just so that I can catch a little shut eye myself. It’s just constant.. Leave work, pick her up, play with her, change her diaper, try to cook dinner while entertaining her, play some more, feed her, comfort her, go on a walk because she won’t stop crying, feed her, change her diaper, put her to bed, and then next thing I know, it’s 10:00, and I pump for a half hour and fall into bed exhausted. It doesn’t help that there are countless outdoor projects eating up JB’s time, so when he gets home, he goes out to mow the lawn and finish up projects that didn’t get done on the weekend. I love her and part of me can’t get enough time with her, but the tired part of me just wants some down time, if you get my gist.

I look at how tired I am, and wonder what it would be like with TWO kids. Wow. It would be ideal to be able to back my work schedule down to less than full time, but that’s not an option for me.

So I guess I’ll just go on being tired. For all of you single or childless people out there, please take a nap in my honor today. Send those Zzzzs my way!

Monday’s Ramblings

12 Jun

I have many random thoughts to convey today. Let’s see if you can follow along.

This past weekend, my sister-in-law and I did a babysitting switch off so that we could both have a date night with our hubbies. I watched my niece on Friday, and unfortunately, Madelynn was in a horrible mood. After about two hours, I called JB, begging for him to come over and help. He found me holding a crying Madelynn while trying to read to Kacey over the screams. Luckily, he took Madelynn and quieted her down and I got some good quality time in with my niece.

But good golly, it made me appreciate how hard it would be to have TWO children to tend to! Wowsers! I need some time to get used to motherhood before I take that on, ala Britney Spears. Ha!

On Saturday, we had shutters installed on our windows, which look lovely. While that was being installed, I managed to sell our dining room table and chairs (which was really a second kitchen table and chairs), so we went out and bought a real adult dining room table that afternoon. They really sucker you in by selling the table cheap and the chairs expensive. But anyway…

That night, we had dinner at home and then dropped Madelynn off at my siter-in-law’s house for our date night. We went to see The Break Up, which we both enjoyed, despite having to sit in the first row since we showed up 20 minutes late. (I pity the people who had to sit behind my uber tall hubby). The movie really hit home for anyone that has been in a long term relationship and had it end. I had plenty of flashbacks to my last break up, and left telling JB I never wanted to go through that with him!

After the movie, we went to the Boogie Monsters CD Release party, but the only problem was the Boogie Monsters, the band we wanted to see, didn’t start until 11:30pm. (A problem when you have a babysitter who needs relieving!) It felt so good to be out with my hubby, and I think it really did a lot to rekindle the flame. After so many diapers, feedings and house projects, it kind of puts a damper on things after a while!

Anyway, we got home late that night, and of course, I had to stay up another half hour to pump, and five hours later, Madelynn was awake. Ugha, that was tiring. Gone are the days of sleeping late to make up for staying out the night before! Luckily, I was able to get down for a nap later that day, but I’m still dragging a bit.

I called the cops this weekend on some kids I call the Misfit Teens that live across the street from us. They live with their decrepid grandparents that offer absolutely no supervision of these gangster wanna-bes. These kids were hanging out in their Ford Explorer in their driveway, blaring their music all day Saturday, into the night on Saturday night, and all day Sunday. On Sunday morning, I saw that they had pillows and blankets in the truck, so evidently they slept in their driveway. (How bored are you when you camp in your driveway?!)

After two days of hearing thudding base from inside our house, I figured enough was enough and called the cops. I’m a cranky adult now! Ha! I was super impressed with Reno PD, as they showed up within 15 minutes and the music FINALLY stopped. And what did the grandparents do once the cops came to their house? They left. The kids kept hanging out in the driveway, but luckily the music stopped. It’s truly baffling.

Anyway, that’s my long, boring story of my weekend. Madelynn starts a two day course of antibiotics today as we wait for her nose culture to come back on Wednesday. I’m bracing myself for more explosive poops and diaper rash — ah, the joys of Motherhood!

Take Your Daughter To Work Day

9 Jun

Today was Take Your Daughter To Work Day, at least for me. Madelynn had a 10:00 doctor’s appointment about her nose, which is STILL very congested (which wakes her up in the middle of the night and we’re all short on sleep). Daycare and the doctor’s office are at opposite ends of the city, so I asked my boss if I could either work from home before the appointment or bring Madelynn into work. I couldn’t believe it when she said I could bring her into work.

I was kind of nervous about it, picturing her having a screaming fit and getting me and my manager in trouble. But, she was a perfect angel. She played in her gym, drank some milk, and then took a nap for the remainder of the time. Of course, the girls in the office oohed and ahhhed about her.

At the doctor’s office, she was in the best of moods, which was lucky, considering we had to wait 45 minutes to see the doctor. While we were waiting, Madelynn entertained the entire waiting room with her constant babble (she is all about the letter A right now, with different renditions of “Ah, aaaaaahhhh, ahhhhhhh”) and her giggles (which she just started to do this week).

And what did the doctor say? Come back on Monday morning. Seriously. I promptly called her father to say it was his turn to take her to the doctor, considering this was her SEVENTH visit to the doctor with me for treatment from the big fall. The saga continues.

The Leaf

6 Jun

We went for a hike on Sunday, and JB wore Madelynn in the Baby Bjorn. (Not me, because I’m scared to use it again!)

Part way through our hike, we stopped at a stream for the dogs to get a drink. That’s when I noticed a leaf tucked in between the Baby Bjorn and Madelynn.

“She has a leaf.” I said, surprised that a leaf was caught in the carrier. I started to reach to take it out and throw it back on the ground.

“I put it there,” said JB. “I wanted her to know what a leaf was. This way, she can look at it and feel it.”


That just melted my heart.

I know Madelynn is too young to grasp the concept of a leaf, but the fact that he stopped, picked a leaf, and tucked it in for her to investigate was really too cute.

Date Night Photos

4 Jun

Last night, the three of us managed to get out of the house for once and head out on the town. We went to Downtown Reno, where we walked along the Truckee River, and then stopped for a wonderful Italian dinner at Andiamo’s in Harrah’s (Madelynn’s first casino experience — woo!)

Dinner was wonderful. The best part (besides Madelynn sleeping soundly throughout the meal) was the piano player, who entranced me with his playing. Yes, I play piano, but this man took it to a whole other level.

It struck me last night that the last time we had been at this restaurant was one year ago, almost to the date. It was the day I had received a positive pregnancy home-test. Of course, JB said he wouldn’t believe it until we got the blood test results back (which happened two days later). I had fun reminiscing how the last time we were at that restaurant, Madelynn was just a bundle of cells, and I had quite a hunch that I was in the family way, but was truly hoping that the blood test would confirm that.

I kept gazing at Madelynn last night as she slept next to me at the restaurant, pondering how much has changed in the last year. We are truly blessed with our beautiful little angel.



When I Grow Up…

4 Jun

When Amber was pregnant, I made her a onesie that said, “When I grow up, I’m driving a Trans Am”. On the back, I wrote, “Ram Air Baby.”

Amber and I both like Trans Ams, so this was very suitable. When I became pregnant, she sent the onesie back to me for my baby to wear.

Last week, I put Madelynn in the onesie, and then told JB that she had a special outfit on just for him. When he saw what it was, he said, “now that is just wrong.”

You see, somehow I married a man that prefers sedans with good fuel economy to the ultimate muscle car. *shakes head*

At Madelynn’s next diaper change, I noticed that JB had changed her outfit. I then asked where he put the Trans Am onesie.

“I don’t know,” was his answer.

That’s when I looked in the trash and found it there.


So, I saved the onesie, and it will haunt him as long as she fits in it. Long live my Trans Am!!!



P.S. I just set our computer’s desktop image to be the top picture. Bwahahaha… That’s REALLY gonna peeve JB!

Blast from the Past

2 Jun

They banned our use of Internet radio at work a few weeks ago, and I’ve been suffering ever since.

I had been using Internet radio for at least two years. Yahoo has this great radio where you pay a fee to set up your own personal station that has all of your favorite types of music and no commercials. I so enjoyed that.

Now, I’m limited to listening to CDs while I’m at my desk. I just cannot handle working in silence. Last week, I kept forgetting to bring my CDs in from the car, and ended up listening to the one CD I had in my office for FIVE DAYS IN A ROW. Five days of the Dixie Chicks. It was too much.

This week, I remembered to bring in CDs, but the problem is that the majority of my CDs were purchased about 10 years ago while I was in college. The pickings are slim. So slim that I was even listening to Bon Jovi earlier this week. Bon Jovi. Something needs to be done.

I am contemplating joining the rest of society and purchasing an iPod, but hesitate because I really don’t want to have to deal with one more piece of technology hooked to my computer. I haven’t even gotten around to hooking up the camcorder to download the videos I’ve been taking since Madelynn was born! Now, in my “free time”, which is oh, so limited now, I’m contemplating purchasing songs and (what is the correct term?) ripping them onto an iPod.

I guess if I get desperate enough, I’ll figure it out. Time to choose a new CD. Should I go with the Go-Gos or Pat Benetar?

My Thoughts

1 Jun

My random thoughts today:

  • Angelina Jolie’s camp says that she is “a little sore after her c-section”. Ha! Understatement of the year! I did notice that a man was reporting that, and hence why he didn’t even flinch when he read those words.
  • When leaving Urgent Care on Monday, there was a man in the elevator with Madelynn and I that had a long white beard and white hair. As we got off the elevator, he said to Madelynn, “see you at Christmas!” Hmmmm…
  • When I picked up Madelynn from daycare yesterday, she had recently had a blowout (for you non-parents, that’s when the poop explodes out of the diaper and soaks her clothes). The daycare attendant offered to change her, but really, I hadn’t seen my baby all day, so I did it myself. As I unbuttoned her outfit, the woman exclaims, “oh, use gloves!” I told her that was OK, as it was my own daughter I was changing, and she was very perplexed. Now, I know they wear gloves to change diapers, but to they really think parents do that at home?! I then went to pick up the dirty outfit I had just changed her out of, and she once again offered me gloves. I had to chuckle, as I’ve handled many blow-out laden outfits, and it really doesn’t phase me. I did use hand sanitizer afterwards, because that is just smart. But gloves?! On my own kid?!

That’s all I have to say right now. Madelynn slept through the night last night, which was the first time since the accident 11 days ago. She woke up in a good mood, and I venture to say she’s almost completely recovered from this whole mess. She still has a bit of residual stuffiness, but nothing that is holding her back! Phew! Life does in fact go on.