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A Belated Present to Myself

30 Dec

I moved to Reno 4 years ago, and shortly after, I saw people around here wearing some really cool hiking-boot-like-slip-ons.

I have coveted those shoes for 4 years. I can’t really explain why it took me so long to get them. I went to two stores yesterday in search of my slip-ons (as I know that tieing my shoes will become more and more difficult each day), and couldn’t find any. Perhaps I waited too long and they’re out of style.

But that doesn’t bother me (the being out of style part). I found them online and finally made the click to purchase. Yeah! My new shoes should be here next week!

I Need A Bubble

30 Dec

Everyone around me is getting sick. It’s like the Russian Roulette of germs. Even JB is home sick today with a fever.

Crap. I need one of those germ bubble things that Elliott had in the movie E.T. Don’t these germs understand that I can’t take drugs, so it would be really unfair to attack me?! I recently read that pregnant women have depressed immune systems AND will stay sick up to three times longer than the average person.

Please, please, please, oh germs, spare me.

A Letter to Baby

28 Dec

Dear Baby,

I know you’re enamored with your new play toy, otherwise known as my ribs, but would you mind leaving them alone? Your Ma is getting sick of the constant jabbing.




Christmas Photos

28 Dec

Here are the photos I took on Christmas Day.

This is the family at the dinner table. You can see everyone except my niece, Kacey, who is being blocked by her dad’s head (front and center). I was very proud of how the table looked and how well the meal turned out. I am truly my mother’s prodigy.


This is my brother, Greg, with his son, Luke. Poor Luke was sick with pink eye and double ear infections, so he is looking a bit run down in these pictures.


Here is my sister-in-law, Jane, snuggling with Luke.


JB and I gave our nephew, Jack, a drum for Christmas, and it came with free drumming lessons from JB.


This is JB with our niece, Kacey. Just think, soon the little girl on his shoulders will be our daughter!



28 Dec

I will not eat sugar…

I will not eat sugar…

I will not eat sugar…

I will not eat sugar…

I will not eat sugar…

I will not eat sugar…

I will not eat sugar…

I will not eat sugar…

After several weeks of indulging myself in Christmas treats, it is now time to STOP THE INSANITY.

Phase I: No sugar until my doctor’s appointment next Wednesday (where I’ll get weighed).
Phase II: Freak out about the number on the scale at the doctor’s office, and swear off sugar for the rest of the pregnancy (I KNOW it won’t be pretty).
Phase III: Freak out about how the weight isn’t melting off of me after birth, so swear off sugar indefinitely.

Happy Anniversary, Bellins!

27 Dec

Happy Anniversary to my in-laws, Jack and Nancy!


I’m Back

27 Dec

I didn’t really GO anywhere, but I took a hiatus from computers and the Internet for the past 4 days, exchanging them for family time, which was lovely.

My parents arrived in town on Thursday, and I took them for a surprise 3D Ultrasound. I was so excited to share this with them, and thought they’d really enjoy it.

Too bad the 3D Ultrasound place was a sham. The place had only been open a month, and the woman that runs the place just bought an ultrasound machine and “trained herself”. The training was very lacking.

We spent an hour and a half in there, and all we were ever able to see was a quick glimpse of the baby’s face, but unfortunately, she had both hands in front of her face, so we saw hands and a bit of lips, nose and chin poking out. The woman couldn’t find the crotch, thus defeating my triple check of this baby’s gender. In fact, she couldn’t find much of anything, and multiple times would say “oh, here’s the head”, focusing on the top of my belly, and then she’d say, “no wait, the head is down here” at the bottom of my belly. She also said that “there wasn’t much room in there for the baby to grow, so I won’t get much bigger.” Ha!!! We got a good laugh out of that quote, as most people know that you grow a heck of a lot during your eigth and ninth month!

After an hour an a half, she gave up, asking me to come back another day, “because baby wasn’t cooperating”. Perhaps the Christmas spirit overcame me, because I didn’t have the heart to tell her I wouldn’t be back because I didn’t think she knew what the heck she was doing. I also don’t have the heart to post the name of her business, but it you live in Reno and are considering a 3D ultrasound, leave a comment with your e-mail address so that I can tell you what place NOT to go to!!!!

Anyway, I took Friday off to hang out with the parents. We went to Costco on what must have been the busiest day of the year. Much of Friday and Saturday were spent hanging with Mom baking and preparing for the Christmas Day feast. For those of you that don’t know my Mom, she is an avid Martha Stewart fan, and I swear my mom could give that woman some competition if they ever faced off in a contest!

On Christmas Day, there were 11 people at my house, including my two nephews and one niece. It was a bit of mayhem, but fun mayhem. I felt like a true adult hosting my first Christmas dinner, but couldn’t have pulled it off as smoothly without the help of my mom. There were table cloths on the tables, centerpiece decorations, our good glasses, and we served a lot of wine, spinach salad, prime rib, asparagus and mashed potatoes. For dessert, I whipped up a peppermint cake in the shape of a circle of Christmas trees (pan courtesy of Mom) with a chocolate peppermint glaze. Fancy, huh? I took pictures to document, but haven’t downloaded them yet. Stay tuned.

There were all kinds of pictures being taken, and my family didn’t listen a bit when I told them that I had banned pictures of me for the rest of the pregnancy. In fact, once I said that, I think there were MORE pictures being taken of me.

Our baby even received a few outfits from some generous people.

Everyone left our place around 2:30 yesterday, and after a quick clean-up, I was crashed on the couch for a good two hours. I then made it to the pool to work off the holiday treats I’ve been eating, and came home for a quiet night with JB.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is over, and that the next time we’ll be celebrating, we’ll have a child that will be 8 months old. Woah!!!

Oh, and when I made it into the office again today, I was given one extra Christmas gift — 1900+ spam e-mails to delete!