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Halloween Weekend Photos

31 Oct

OK, here are the photos from this past weekend… Click on the extended entry to see them (as I save bandwidth for those of you on dial up that complain when I post a bunch of pictures!).
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Unveiling the Halloween Costume

31 Oct

After determining I didn’t have a way to pull off a pregnant Jennifer Garner costume, I went with the pregnant nun costume… My brother and sister-in-law had an extra nun costume, and it happened to fit rather snugly around my belly, so I didn’t have to accentuate my belly any more.

These pics shall serve as the documentation of my belly at 6 months.



I have more pics from this weekend to post later today!


27 Oct

So I’m now in search of a Halloween costume for a party on Saturday… I had originally thought I’d be a nun (ha – pregnant nun!), but am now thinking that may be generic.

My latest idea — I could dress up like Jennifer Garner! I have the belly, could blow dry my hair straight, but what else should I wear???

Please leave suggestions in the comments or e-mail them to me!

6 Month Check Up

27 Oct

Just back from my 6 month doctor appointment. Everything is looking good for our little girl. My stomach is measuring 24 centimeters (you’re supposed to be 1 centimeter for each week, and I hit week 24 tomorrow). Her heartbeat measured at a healthy 141 bpm, and my blood pressure and pulse are both looking good. The doctor even said my weight was right on target, which was comforting, because I wanted to cry this morning when I saw that I had gained a total of 14 pounds. *cringe*

I got triple confirmation that doing ab work and crunches on my back are OK, though the doctor said they might be more challenging to do now (that is an understatement!).

We get to have an ultrasound at next month’s appointment just for fun, which should show a dramtic difference from the 4 month ultrasound pics I posted on the site!

That’s all from Belly Land, where it’s all about the Belly.

Belly Envy

27 Oct

I went to the kick boxing/salsa class again last night. I really like the kick boxing part, and figured I’d tough it through the salsa one more time.

The other pregnant lady was there again last night, and once again, the aerobics instructor was all about her… She’d cheer, “yeah for baby”, then ask, “do you know what it is?”, and then she’d say, “Momma, be careful on this move.”

And meanwhile, me and my belly are feeling very neglected. I really want people to know that I’m not just fat — I have a good reason for this new spare tire and pot belly! And I’m kicking butt in kick boxing for being 6 months pregnant!!!

I know it’s silly, but I use all of this belly envy as motivation to out-do what the other pregnant lady is doing in class. It helps my ego just a bit…

Celebrity Gossip

26 Oct

I’m usually the one in our marriage that is up on celebrity gossip. It’s a side effect of working online 40+ hours a week.

Anyway, last night, as we were watching the World Series (i.e. longest and most uneventful game EVER – 14 innings, people!), JB proudly states, “Guess who broke up?”

I had no idea.

JB: Jessica Simpson and Nich Lachey.
Me: Are you sure? That rumor has been flying around, but they’re denying it.
JB: Yes, I’m sure.
Me: I would have thought I would have heard something about that..
JB: Well, it’s true.

I shook my head, and of course, when I got online today, I searched around, and found that I was right — it’s still a rumor at this point, a rumor that is being denied by the celebrities’ camps.

It just makes me chuckle, though. JB was pretty proud to have some celebrity gossip of his own. Too bad it wasn’t right…

Someone Else’s Star

25 Oct

Listening to Internet Radio again, and Bryan White’s song Someone Else’s Star came on. For years, I thought of this as my anthem. I didn’t understand why it seemed that everyone around me was finding the loves of their lives, and I remained alone. I prayed every night for my prince to come. I used every birthday wish for love. I wished on the first star and every shooting star. For the longest time, I thought it might be in vain.

Hearing this song again today gave me renewed appreciation for JB, and the love he has brought into my life. I’m now living the life I dreamed of as a little girl, and really, who could ask for more than that?

So, I dedicate this song go all of you that feel like you’re wishing on someone else’s star. You may feel that way, but keep the hope, because as long as that hope is alive, you’ll meet your true love when the time is right.

Someone Else’s Star
By Bryan White

Alone again tonight, without someone to love.
The stars are shining bright so one more wish goes up.
Oh, I wish I may and I wish with all my might.
For the love I’m dreaming of and missing in my life.

You’d think that I could find a true love of my own.
It happens all the time to people that I know.
Their wishes all come true so I’ve got to believe.
There’s still someone out there who is meant for only me.

I guess I must be wishing on someone else’s star.
It seems like someone else keeps gettin what I’m wishing for.
Why can’t I be as lucky as those other people are?
I guess I must be wishing, on someone else’s star.

I sit here in the dark and stare up at the sky,
But I can’t give my heart one good reason why.
Everywhere I look it’s lovers that I see.
It seems like everyone’s in love with everyone but me.