Baring It All

27 Jul

On Sunday, JB and I decided that we wanted to hike to a lake. In the Sierras, the only problem with that plan is choosing what hiking trail and which lake you want to go to.

We settled on a hike to Marlette Lake, the second largest alpine lake in the Sierras. (Side note: during a complete brain lapse, the hubby asked, “what is the largest alpine lake in the Sierras?” Well, duh, that would be LAKE TAHOE!)

Anyway, we packed up the Black Dog Club and drove to the trail head at Spooner Lake off of Highway 50. We parked at Spooner, and then began the 5 mile hike to Marlette Lake.

The trail was really wide and sandy, making for a nice hiking surface. It was easy rolling hills for about 4 miles, but let me tell you, that fifth mile was a pretty challenging hill! By the time we made it to the lake, it was around 5:00 pm, and I was hot and ready for a dip in Marlette Lake.

I hadn’t seen anyone on the trail for quite a while, and since the only way to reach Marlette Lake is via hiking or mountain biking, there was no one there.

Or so I thought.

I had brought my swim suit, but in a truly Adventurous moment, I decided that I was going to be one with nature and go au natural.

As I was standing on the shore of the lake, baring my lily white body to the wilderness, JB asks, “What are you doing?!”

“I’m skinny dipping!” I proudly proclaimed.

“Didn’t you see those people over there?” he asked. He has a history of yanking my leg, so I didn’t believe him until I looked over my shoulder and saw a man and his son rounding the corner.

Let me tell you, I have NEVER gotten in a lake as fast as I did that day, since the water was the quickest way for me to regain my modesty.

We swam around for a while with our labs, and luckily, there were no other people around when it was time for me to get out and change back into my hiking apparal.

It was a ten mile hike round trip, and the entire outing took about four hours. We started hiking back around 6:30pm, and unfortunately, that was when the mosquitos decided to come out for prey. We hadn’t even thought of bringing bug spray, so there we were, five miles away from the truck and getting swarmed!

So, what else do you do in that situation? Run! JB ran a lot more than me, because I was pretty worn out already from the hike up and the swim. I ran about 1-2 miles and power walked the rest of the way. I was truly exhausted when we got back to the truck, and I have a good 10 mosquito bites from the incident. At least we learned our lesson, though!

I highly recommend the hike to Marlette Lake. Just take it from me –skinny dipping is not advised!

Pictures from our outing (and no, there aren’t any of me skinny dipping!) in the extended entry.

Me and the dogs at the start of our hike:

This is Marlette Lake:


This is me after the skinny dipping fiasco:

This is JB playing with our dog, Tucker in the lake:

And this is the sunset we saw on the drive home:

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