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Happy Anniversary!

29 Jun

Happy 42nd anniversary to my parents! I can only hope that JB and I will be as lucky to spend so many years together!

Here is the latest picture I have of my parents together.


And here I am with them on my wedding day.

me and parents.jpg


27 Jun

Yesterday, after a mountain bike ride, we were sitting around the camp fire area enjoying lunch. My two brothers were in deep conversation, and my nephew, Jack, was trying to play soccer with me while I was seated in a lounge chair eating a sandwich (in other words, he would kick the ball to me and then beg for me to kick it back).

“Earthquake!” JB exclaimed. Everyone kept talking and doing what they had been doing.

“Earthquake!” he repeated. Still no reaction.

“Hey! We’re having an earthquake!” he said, finally interrupting my brothers’ conversation.

“How can you tell?” I asked, as I felt nothing, and the trees didn’t seem to be moving.

Then I felt it. I swear it went on for like 30 seconds. Jane, who had been in the camper napping was awaken by the shaking.

“Wow, I wonder if San Francisco just had The Big One,” someone said.

When we got home, I looked up Google News and got the scoop. We were about 60 miles outside of the epicenter. Read the article.

Annual Mountain Biking and Boating Weekend

27 Jun

This weekend was the fifth annual Cook kids mountain biking and boating weekend at Bullard’s Bar Reservoir in the foothills of the Sierras in California.

It was a grand time. We mountain biked and swam both days (chose to do open water swimming instead of water skiing this year), and the weather was incredible.

The bears were back this year, but not with the vengence of last year. We had a bear go into a campsite close to us, and at 5 in the morning, the idot in that campsite decided to scare the bear away by using his car alarm. Multiple times. Nice way to wake up the entire campground, loser! A simple shout of ‘go away’ wasn’t enough for him!

We brought two out of our three Black Dogs camping. Bringing dogs camping always adds a bit more complication and work, so I really didn’t want to bring any. However, we thought that we’d have a bunch of people looking at our house this weekend with the real estate agent, so we decided to take two dogs. Poor Shadow had to stay home because we weren’t sure how he would get along with my brothers’ two male dogs.

The fist night, we let the dogs sleep in the truck bed, which is covered by a shell. They were barking constantly. I was ready to strangle them. They did a lovely job of keeping all three camps in our party awake, and finally at 3 am, I took Heidi, the main barker, and put her in our tent, much to JB’s chagrin.

Heidi was an angel once she was in the tent. Hence, the next night, we put both dogs in the tent with us, and voila — angel dog campers! They were great! Plus, I got to snuggle with Tucker all night long, which was lovely.

We did come across a suicidal midget dog this weekend, though. A little white dog that looked more like a rat ran straight over to our campsite and started barking at Tucker, seeming to say, “I’m going to kick your butt, you big giant black dog.”

If there is one thing you need to know about Tucker, he HATES little dogs with a passion. I don’t know where he got this, but the second I saw that little dog aproach Tucker, who was tied to a tree, I knew there would be trouble.

Dust flew, and I screamed, and Tucker was like, “bring it on you little rat, I will KILL you!” Soon, the rat ran away, but then Heidi, who happened to be off the leash at that point, took off in hot pursuit.

Want to see a little rat dog’s owner flip out? Sick your Rottwieler on it!!! Luckily, JB caught Heidi, and the rat dog escaped. But good golly, the adrenaline. I later saw that those campers had three rat dogs with them, and they learned to keep their dogs away from our campsite after that.

And after all that effort to vacate two of our dogs from our house, not one person looked at the house. Not one. Damn “Brad”.

I got to spend good quality time with my two nephews and one of my nieces this weekend, which I enjoyed completely.

With that, I give you the family camping trip pictures, starting with my favorite — JB and I after we swam about 1200 yards in the lake on Sunday.


(I’ve placed the rest on another page to save those of you on a dial-up connection. You know who you are!)
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24 Jun

Our real estate agent signs his name in quotes. I’ve received two faxes from him today, and both were signed:


I find this really strange. His business card says Brad, so it’s not like he’s shortening Bradley to Brad in his signature.

Since my name with the state of the Nevada is officially A, perhaps I should start signing my signature as “A”. That’d be cool, wouldn’t it, “Brad”?!

Not So Sweet

23 Jun

The other day, after signing a house offer that stood to make our real estate agent a lot of money, he shook my hand with an ever so soft shake and called me Sweetie.

I’m still cringing from that.

Never call a woman sweetie in a business situation. Never.

I’ll have to come up with a good response if he does that again. “My pleasure, babycakes.”

And by the way, our offer was rejected, so we’re back to the drawing boards.

Turn signal!!!

22 Jun

So we are trying to sell our Blazer. Yesterday, we got a message on our answering maching about it. It went something like this:

“Yeah, I’m calling about your, uh, little Blazer. How many miles does it have on it?


*pause* Sorry, someone just cut me off. Call me.”

JB and I listened to this message, and I was clutching my stomach from laughing so hard. Throughout the rest of the evening, one of us would randomly insert a desperate cry of “TURN SIGNAL! TURN SIGNAL!” into the conversation. Try it sometime — it’s really fun!

Tucker the Hose Dog

21 Jun

I’ve talked about Tucker’s fascination with hoses on this site before. (Side note: that is a really good story, so I recommend you go read that after this entry!)

This past weekend, JB wanted to demonstrate Tucker’s desire to kill the water that comes out of the hose for his parents. Here are some pictures I took during that show.





And this is what he looked like after exhausting himself with that display: