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Idiot Driver Alert

31 Mar

While driving to work this morning, I was confronted with a very annoying jerk face driver. He cut me off multiple times just to slow down and wait for me to try to pass him, when he’d speed up, and he’d cross three lanes of traffic without even signaling. He was a middle aged man with a pony tail and a goat-tee. Blek.

And you know what? He has his website plastered ALL OVER HIS VEHICLE. It baffles me how someone would advertise their business on their car and then drive around like a complete a-hole, cutting people off and blatently being a jerk.

I have a theory that anyone that puts their website on their car is an idiot. That theory was proved today.

And it was confirmed by his stupid website, where the navigation is actually hidden in this flashy ‘menu’ section, but actually prevented me from looking at the contents.

So, if you came across my website while searching for NDC Digital Media, take my advice — stay FAR FAR away from this person, both professionally and on the road.

The Funniest Thing Ever

29 Mar

As I was getting ready for bed on Sunday, I was complaining to JB about how I was having some strange pains from my ski crash the day before.

“When I laugh, it hurts under my shoulder blade,” I said, pointing to exactly where it hurt.

“So, don’t laugh,” JB said, and for some reason, I found this to be the funniest thing ever, and crumpled over onto the bed laughing. Of course, this got him laughing, and then I was laughing because he was laughing, and man, did that really hurt my strange shoulder blade pain.

Luckily, that pain is gone now so I’m free to laugh again.

Left! Left!

29 Mar

On Saturday, we went skiing at Heavenly, where we discovered Mott Canyon the last run of the day.

You see, we needed to leave early so that I could babysit my niece in Reno that night. Right about the time we should have started skiing back to the car, JB came across a gate that led into a double diamond run.

We pretty much have a rule of thumb that if there is a gate with a warning sign to enter a run, we must ski it.

So, even though I knew it could jeopardize our time schedule, I agreed to go check it out with him.

It was definitely the steepest stuff we had found at Heavenly, and I was bummed that we discovered it on our last run of the day. Now we have to go back!!! Half way down the steepest part of the run, we came across a man sitting with his skis off. We inquired if he was injured, and he said that he wasn’t, and that he just couldn’t make it down that hill so he was waiting for ski patrol to come bail him out. We then saw ski patrol at the top of the run, so we left him knowing he was in good hands.

But it must have hurt his ego when to have a woman ski right down that hill without hesitating!

Well, we got to the bottom of the run, and then saw signs for the chairlift pointing through the trees. The sign pointed left. JB went right.

So, there I was, going left on a little trail through the trees, and I’m screaming at JB, “Left! Left! Wrong way!!!” Next thing I know, I hit a huge hole, my ski tips dug in and I went flying face first into the snow. When I landed with a thump, both shoulders cracked, and I sat there trying to determine if I was injured or not.

When I determined that I wasn’t injured, I sat on my butt, and said the first thing that came to my mind, “Holy crap.”

I then heard JB calling me on the walkie talkie asking what happened.

I replied, “I was so concerned about you going the wrong direction that I didn’t see a hole in the snow and I did a face plant that ripped me out of both skis. I’m going to be a few minutes.”

JB was very entertained by all of this. This is what he said he heard, “Left! Left! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Once again, the things I do for love!

Anyway, we actually made it out of Mott Canyon and back to the parking lot right on time… Next time we go to Heavenly, we’re starting in Mott Canyon so that we can give it the proper attention!

Here’s a snapshot of the rest of the weekend:

  • Babysat my niece Kacey on Saturday night and played with the puppy Rex, who’s ears are as big as my hand. Perhaps they should rename Rex to Dumbo.

  • We skied at Kirkwood on Sunday. Only one chair was open due to the high winds. We managed to keep pretty entertained skiing on Cornice Express, and even ventured into the terrain park for a bit more entertainment. I think I caught about 6 inches of air on a jump! Woo! (for you non-skiers, that’s really unimpressive)
  • Ate taco salad for dinner on Easter Sunday. It just seemed wrong, but tasted very good….
  • I babysat my 6 month old niece, Kacey, again for the entire day on Monday. I got extra brave and ventured to the grocery store with her. Luckily, she was a little angel during our shopping trip, and I was amazed with how much attention she garnered.
  • Worked out the kinks in my upper body (from the crash) by swimming 2000 yards in the pool.

The World’s Longest Hair Appointment

25 Mar

After two and a half hours in the chair at my hair dresser’s, my hair is now fixed. Voila:


After taking about 20 self portraits of myself, I realized that I really suck at taking my own picture. JB is at band practice tonight, and I wanted to show all of you my new hair… I haven’t mastered the whole self portrait in the mirror thing yet, but that picture at least shows the hair.

I had my stylist weave in brown and blonde, and keep a bit of the red, so now I have tri-toned hair. I think it looks pretty good — much better than before.

And would you believe that the man that has laughed at my hair every day since I dyed it DID NOT EVEN NOTICE THAT I GOT IT FIXED?! I kept standing there smiling at him, and he said, “Why are you smiling at me like that?”


He finally caught on. “Oh, you dyed your hair…. Again.”

“I was under the impression I got it fixed.” I replied.

“Oh, you got your hair fixed,” he said.

Men… They can be so oblivious! To think the whole reason I got into this mess was because of his liking for strawberry blonde hair! NEVER AGAIN, HUSBAND OF MINE, NEVER AGAIN!

Sad, Sad Me

23 Mar

Here is a picture of sad, sad me and my orange hair.


E is for Idaho

23 Mar

Another foreigner called me today. I was spelling out my e-mail address to him, and when I got to the letter ‘e’, he asks, “E, as in Idaho?”

It was really hard to keep a straight face after he said that. I told him, “no, E as in East.”

Of course, when I got to the letter I in my address, I said, “I as in Idaho.”

I haven’t received an e-mail from him yet, so I’m assuming there was a bit of a communication gap.


22 Mar

I’ve had numerous people tell me over the past few days that you should never dye your own hair.

The woman at the gym that calls me Lindsay went off for like 5 minutes on why you should never dye your hair. I’m sitting there thinking one day I’m going to tell you that my name isn’t Lindsay.

Anyway, I find all of this advice humorous, because I have been dying my own hair since I was 17.

I was always against dying hair when I was younger. I strongly believed that we all look best in the color that God gave us.

My beliefs changed a bit when I started going grey at age 17. Through college, I was able to mask the grey by getting my hair highlighted. And, being on a limited budget, I’d make those highlight jobs last longer by using Sun-In to cover the roots.

In retrospect, the Sun-In was a really bad idea, but oh well.

Once I was about 22 or 23, the grey was so apparent that I had to start doing all-over color. And up until this past weekend, I never got very experimental with it, and had great success.

So I really think the moral of the story is if you’re going to dye your hair, stick with the color that matches your natural hair color. If you want to get experimental, then perhaps you should go professional.

I actually had my hairstylist add some strawberry blond streaks to my hair during a highlight job in the summer, but honestly, you couldn’t see it.

Believe me, you can definitely see the red in my hair now. THERE IS NO MISSING IT! My dental hygenist even commented on it today. I’m assuming that her comment of, “I like the red” was an effort to be polite rather than a true statement of her opinion.

So as Paul Harvey would say, now you have “the rest of the story”. If you aren’t going grey, count your lucky hairs.

And God, if you’re reading this, if I come back in another life, I want to add to my list of requests. I want a kick-ass metabolism AND hair that never goes grey. Oh, and while you’re at it, please give me a better set of gums. (I’m having my third gum surgery next Friday. Blek.) Yours truly, L.