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Introducing Shadow, Master of Being Pitiful

28 Feb

This is our pooch, Shadow:



Shadow is a black lab/german shepard mix. He is about 8 years old. I can describe him in two words.

Needy and pitiful.

It’s not a bad thing. He’s a very lovable guy, but he is very needy for attention. He’ll come up and place his head right under your hand so that you’re forced to pet him. Or, he’ll nudge you with his paw to get your attention. His very expression seems to plead, ‘Please, PET ME!!!’

As for pitiful, Shadow has the sulky act down pat. Especially if you don’t pet him when he thinks he should be pet, he’ll sulk around, and it looks like he’s thinking, ‘Oh, poor, poor, pitiful me… No one loves me! I’m just a poor Shadow dog!’

Shadow is also a butt biter. He likes to assert his dominance over our other male dog, Tucker, and he does that by growling and biting Tucker’s butt any time that Tucker is getting more attention than him.

He also has prancing down to an art form. When he’s especially spry, Shadow looks more like a show horse than the pound puppy that he truly is.

Happy Birthday!

28 Feb

A few birthday mentions…

Happy birthday to my Dad, who will be celebrating by bowling tonight.

Happy belated birthday to my Mom, who was sick for her big day. (Hope you’re better now!)

And, happy third birthday, dear blog. It was on 2/26/02 that I entered the blogosphere. That first year of blogging was actually me typing entries manually into Front Page, and I’ve since taken those entries down. No need to leave up evidence of my prior incompetence, right?! Anyway, you have 2 years of archives available, so that should keep you busy.

Pictures from the Weekend

28 Feb

Here are some pictures from Saturday’s trip to Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe:



This is JB skiing in the trees:


28 Feb

Well, I finally got published, which was a New Year’s Resolution for 2004… Better late than never, right?!

Here is my guest column in the local paper.

Where Are My Purple Pants?

27 Feb

Here is a guest entry from the infamous JB:

The other morning, when we were getting ready to go ski, I heard a paniced cry. My first thought was that Lynnette had broken one of the ancient chinese antique figures. Luckily, that was not the case. The anguished cry was because Lynnette couldn’t find her “purple pants”. What are purple pants you ask? You mean you don’t own a pair? Purple pants are Lynnette’s favorite ski underwear, which actually include a top and bottoms. Of course, they are purple, her favorite color (don’t believe her when she says its red, I think its from exessive exposure during high school).

So we scoured the house in search of the holy purple pants to no avail. Lynnette was very, very sad. Then, several days later, out of the blue I heard screams of delight from the guest bedroom. My first thought was that Lynnette had tested postive for pregnancy. It was, of course, her beloved purple pants. They had been found, although I’m not sure where. Attached is a picture of Lynnette in her Purple Pants. This is how she weares her fleece. I keep telling her she has to stop gaping like that!

“Ready to ski in my purple pants!”

What is wrong with this picture?

Editorial note from Lynnette:
No, I’m not pregnant, first of all. Also, to explain these pictures, I had just gotten up from bed, and was still half asleep. I was trying to get dressed while maintaining a conversation with JB, and I didn’t even realize why JB was laughing at me until I went into the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror. I was wearing my fleece backwards. He thought this was so funny that we had to take a picture of it. I am so not a morning person!

Mannequin Pants

27 Feb

After skiing yesterday, JB and I headed to Gart Sports in pursuit of getting JB some new ski pants.

He found the perfect pair… Well, they would have been perfect if he could just find his size. We could find the size smaller than he needed, and the size larger than he needed, but not his size.

He was really bummed, considering getting the size too large and just wearing a belt with them, but then he discovered that the mannequin was wearing his pants in HIS size.

So of course, we stripped down the mannequin, which looked really funny in its parka without pants. And man, did that mannequin have a big bulge! I was so amuzed that I nabbed a picture with my camera phone.


“I’m mannequin size,” JB proudly proclaimed.

Then, I saw the ski pants that I’ve been wanting for a while. I wasn’t even looking for new pants, but these are so cool… They are black and have stitching like jeans would. Totally hip.

I showed JB the pants, thinking they were too expensive, but he urged me to go try them on. Of course they didn’t have my size.

That is, until my gaze fell upon the female mannequin that was next to our now pantsless male mannequin.

That’s right, she was wearing my pants in my size! So, while about five people in the check out line watched, I took off her boots and stripped her down, chuckling all the time because we created a matching pair of pantsless mannequins.

Here she is:

So, I’m here to report that JB and I are both mannequin size, and that we both have some really cool new ski pants!

I Took This While Working Today

25 Feb