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Happy Birthday, JB!

31 Jul


Happy birthday to my future husband! You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me!

*smooch, smooch*

Note: This is a picture of us in Carmel, CA, taken by JB’s Mom.

That’s How the Cake Crumbles

29 Jul

I met with the cake/flower lady today. Things went pretty well. Luckily, I pretty much knew what I wanted, so it was rather painless. In fact, most of the flowers will be purchased from Costco, and we’ll only be charged for delivery.

The reason why I met with her today was because I had ordered JB’s birthday cake, as his birthday is tomorrow. I thought it would save a trip if I could meet with her about the wedding and pick up his birthday cake at the same time.

Well, at the end of our meeting, I asked about the birthday cake.

“Yes, and what day did you want to pick that up?”

“I was supposed to pick it up today. I submitted my order two weeks ago.”

“Oh, well my assistant didn’t give me the message.” She said.

I think you can understand why this makes me a bit uneasy, considering we’ve already put a deposit down for her services. She’s going to “see what she can do” about his birthday cake. Which means I get to drive back there — wasting another 30 minutes of my time.

It would have been easier to bake him the cake myself, but JB specifically said he wanted to try the cake lady out. I hope this experience isn’t a foreshadowing of my wedding cake and flowers.

A Mammoth Weekend

27 Jul

This past weekend, we went to Mammoth for a wedding. One of JB’s college buddies was getting married after TEN YEARS OF COURTING HIS FIANCE. God bless the woman that has the patience to wait ten years.

It was a beautiful ceremony in an outdoor chapel. After the ceremony, we all loaded the gondola with champagne in hand, and rode up to McCoy station at 8,600 feet.

While there, we were presented with unlimited quantities of food and drinks. The couple took a stand against the normal reception traditions, as there was no dancing, garter/bouquet toss, cake cutting, and the cake was chocolate. But everything was divine, really.

On Sunday, JB and I went mountain biking on a pretty crappy trail that was extremely sandy. The first three miles were straight up in sand, which is miserable in itself. Then, once we reached the well deserved downhill, it was even more sandy, so I had to do that extremely slow, too.

After mountain biking, we were sweaty and dirty, so we decided to go swimming in June Lake on our way home. It was a beautiful alipine lake with turquoise water. I could see all kinds of fish and crawfish as I swam along in the shallow water.

Here is a picture of June Lake:

P4250001 (Custom).JPG

As for those of you wondering why I ran into a camel at work yesterday, it was part of a golf tournament for work. All of the local casinos sponsored holes in the tournament, and there was a contest for the most creative and original hole. Can you believe that the hole with two camels didn’t win? Says a lot for the team that DID! I took photos at the tournament for a slide show at last night’s award banquet. I got a bit daring and slipped a photo of camel poop into the slide show, which everyone got a big kick out of! I’ll spare all of you of the camel poop pic.

Another Day at the Office

26 Jul

Some days, you never know what you will encounter at work. This is what I saw today…


Moving On

23 Jul

Our intern leaves today to move to Oregon and start a job as an ad agency account executive on the Taco Bell account.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

Her leaving brings back memories for me…. Memories of graduating from college, and two weeks later, packing up all my belongings and moving to Michigan, a frozen land where I knew no one, to start a really exciting job.

It was an adventure. It was so amazing working in the GM World Headquarters. Everything was new. I felt like I had a clean slate on life.

And then, four years later, I decided to move to Reno. I picked up and started my life anew again.

It really is amazing how you can tear down your past life and set the foundation for a new one in another town within a matter of weeks. The whole process of resigning, moving, and starting a new job can be overwhelming.

I think the worst part about moving to a new city is leaving your friends behind. I still miss the friends I left in New Mexico and Michigan. Luckily, many of them like to come visit me (having great skiing and Lake Tahoe nearby serve as excellent motivators).

Over the past few weeks, I would chat with our intern about her plans, and tell her to enjoy the adventure of starting a whole new life in a new city as a single professional woman. It really is such an exciting time. It was fun for me to hear what she was planning, and to remember what it was like for me when I was in her shoes.

I think she thought I was envious of her. She mentioned how I could live vicariously through her. But I’m not at all envious. I’ve done it twice, and that is plenty for me. When I left Michigan, I specifically had the intent to move to Reno and set down some roots. I’m close to family, and absolutely love this area. I really hope I’m done moving across the country now, and am so happy with my current life. I’m getting married and digging the roots a bit deeper in a land that I love.

What our intern doesn’t know is that I’m embarking on an adventure of my own, and I have no desire to live vicariously through her. I may not be packing up and moving far away, but I’m creating a new life with the man I love.

What could be better than that?

The True Invitation to Insanity

22 Jul

I just picked up the invitations. They turned out really well. I really expected them to mis-spell my name (as 90% of the population does), or to goof up some of the text, considering the experience I had placing the actual order.

But they look great.

The problem? I totally didn’t think there would be so much assembly involved in these things! Oh…. my….gosh. Each invitation is a tri-fold, meaning there are 125 invitations that must be folded. You would think for how much we paid, they could fold the darn things for us! Then, they come with assembly instructions…

Here is what needs to be done:

  • Fold 125 invitations
  • Fold 125 response cards
  • Stuff 125 response cards into their envelopes
  • Stamp 125 response card envelopes
  • Stuff 125 invitations into the inner envelopes
  • Stuff 125 sheets with directions into the inner envelopes
  • Place tissue paper on top of the writing of the 125 invitations
  • Stuff 125 response cards into the inner envelope
  • Stuff 125 inner envelopes into the outer envelopes

Then, of course, they’ll need to be stamped (I’m sure this is going to cost more than 37 cents each) and addressed. Mom has volunteered to do the addressing, but good golly, I had absolutely no idea how complex this project would be!

I’ve had thoughts of bribing the girls at work to help me with this on a lunch hour, but will see how far I can get on our road trip this weekend.

Mom to the Rescue

22 Jul

Perhaps it takes the huge box of invitations and envelopes to fully illustrate the enormity of the Invitations task, but Mom has graciously offered to do all of the work associated with the invitations, mentioned in the previous entry. I’m hoping she doesn’t want to strangle me when she fully grasps the task at hand.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Seriously, that is a HUGE help!