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We May Have a Date, People

28 May

We’re so close to having THE wedding date secured that I can taste it. We’ve ditched the previous church that I mentioned last week. After a phone call where the pastor was a you know what to me, we decided that we didn’t want some rude pastor to be the one administering our vows. She was insinuating how ‘inconvenient’ it was to do non-church member weddings, and still couldn’t tell me for another ‘few weeks’ whether or not she’d be available to perform our ceremony. Pfft on you, pastor.

So now I have two churches ‘penciling’ us in for the date. I am just debating between the two… JB became overwhelmed with all of the church choices (I’ve been talking to three recently) and left this decision up to me. Decisions, decisions.

We’ll be boating this weekend… I am so excited to be basking in the sun and doing a bit of open water swimming!

Dress Shopping Has Begun

25 May

Well, I embarked on my first attempt of shopping for the perfect wedding dress yesterday. I was assisted by my Mom and my sister-in-law, Audra.

I had pilfered my way through numerous Bride Magazines (which bore me to tears), but really had no idea what style I was looking for. I decided I’d like to try on a sheath, because that is what my Mom wore at her wedding, and she and I have very similar shapes.

I ended up trying on about 8 dresses over two hours. I found 2-3 real potential dresses, but haven’t made any decisions yet. The really annoying part about dress shopping was the screwed up sizing and the fact that they have you try on ‘any size dress’.

That’s right, I was being stuffed into dresses that were FOUR SIZES TOO SMALL. They put you in the dress, and then clip it to your bra in the back since there isn’t any way it’s going to zip. Which I guess is OK, because you get the view in the front, but when they handed me the mirror so that I could check out the back of the dress, it was hard not to fixate on the 6 inch gap where the dress was supposed to be zipped up. And it’s really hard to feel beautiful when you feel like a beached whale, and really look like one from behind.

I know this is just how they do things at bridal boutiques, and I had been forewarned that most women leave those stores feeling huge… But I just don’t understand why it has to be that way. If I was running a store, I’d make all of the sizes big, so that a size 12 woman could feel really good about wearing a size 10 on her wedding day. Instead, these goofy people add on a few numbers so that your mind starts playing tricks on you…. Good God, that last dress was one size above what I normally wear, and there was no way it was getting zipped up all the way.

The woman helping me just couldn’t seem to focus on the task at hand, and I ended up getting trapped in these huge white gowns as she disappeared to the back of the store. After she did this about three times, Audra took charge and started helping me in and out of dresses. I’m one of those people that will take about 10 things into a dressing room, and in 10 minutes, I’ll be out with one winner. Things weren’t working that way at the bridal boutique. They’d get me into a dress, and then want me to stand there gazing at myself and standing on their silly little platforms in front of the mirror. When really, what I want is to put on a bunch of dresses in a short period of time. Trust me, if I like it, you won’t have to force me to gaze at my reflection.

And by the way, the one style I said I was interested in — the sheath — was not in any of the selections they brought me to try on.

The bridal gown hunt resumes this afternoon. I have my fingers crossed that today I will find “the one”.


21 May

My two animals teamed up last night. I was on the phone upstairs when I heard a crash.

Murray the cat is always getting into things, so I didn’t think much of it. But then a few minutes later, I heard Tucker bark, sounding really upset.

So I got up off my comfy bed and went downstairs. That was when I discovered both animals in the laundry room. Murray had knocked over the Costco-sized box of milkbones that I keep on top of the dryer, and all of the milkbones were gone except for one. Murray was standing close to that milkbone on top of the dryer, and Tucker was pissed. HE wanted that milkbone.

There must have been about 20 milkbones left in the box, so my assumption is that Tucker got 19 or so of them, and was wanting the 20th one, too.

It was really quite a scene. I’m not sure if Murray ate any of the milkbones… I actually doubt he did. But I hadn’t yet fed Tucker, so I figured his dinner was the mikbones that he accessed thanks to his feline brother.

I’m Angry at A Church. God Forgive Me.

20 May

Is it sacreligious to be angry with a church?

I was so pleased to have found the church for our wedding and to find that it was available on the date that we wanted. But now, the church staff is telling me that they’re just not sure if the pastor is going to be available on the date we’ve chosen, and that they won’t know for another two weeks.


Which means we really shouldn’t be putting the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit down on the reception facility, which in turn means they won’t reserve the facility that date for me.

And we had finally found a date that would work for everyone in the family and close friends, plus it was in September, meaning we’d have wonderful weather.

But this darn church isn’t cooperating with me. I’ve put calls into two other churches, but I’m still seething about this. I mean, really, is it a true Christian thing to do to be dragging me on like this? I worry if they’re being so difficult up front, will they get WORSE as the date gets closer?!

Punk Rock Kitty

19 May

On Saturday, JB was at my house unsupervised because I had to work at the Reno River Festival. I say unsupervised because he and the cat Murray were unsupervised together.

Murray REALLY likes JB, much more than JB likes Murray. And hence, Murray is constantly rubbing on JB and hanging out at his feet, which results in him tripping JB. I showed JB the trick of using a squirt bottle to spray Murray with water, which then keeps him away from JB.

JB gets probably a little too much enjoyment out of squirting the cat, but Murray really asks for it, as he’ll usually be back for more after about 30 seconds.

So back to Saturday…. I had been grilling earlier in the week, and had used the squirt bottle to put out a grease fire. I then left the squirt bottle out by the grill. When Murray started bugging JB that morning, JB couldn’t find the squirt bottle, but he did find another squirt bottle under the sink.

When I came home Saturday afternoon, Murray looked like someone had put gel in his fur, as he was all spiked out like a little punk rocker. I told JB that night, “I think Murray is really bored when I’m not home, because I think he’s just constantly grooming himself. He’s all spikey.”

Neither one of us thought much about it. But when I came home on Sunday, Murray still looked spikey. And again on Monday, he was the same way. I mentioned it again to JB, and a little light went off in his head.

“What was in that squirt bottle of yours?”

“What do you mean? Water, like it’s always been.”

“No, I couldn’t find the one I usually use.”

And that’s when the light went off in my head… I keep a squirt bottle full of COOKING OIL under the sink. I had once read it was good to spray oil into your pans because it would coat them and you wouldn’t have to use as much oil.

So, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, poor Murray was accidentally doused with a bit of cooking oil, thus explaining why he looked like a little spikey punk rock kitty.

This whole scenario led to Murray getting his third bath in his entire lifetime. I don’t know if any of you have ever bathed a cat, but it is rather challenging. The minute I put water on him, he started shaking it off, and I was soaked by the end. He also was trying to climb his way out of the sink the entire time.

Once I got him rinsed and dried, Murray walked away, his ego clearly damaged, and he shook off each leg individually as he walked. It was actually pretty funny. He then sat there and groomed himself for the next hour.

Once he was dry, though, the kid was acting like he was on speed, running around the house and jumping to see how high he could reach in door frames. It was like he was celebrating the fact that he was once again dry and clean.

Moral of the story: Never use an unfamiliar squirt bottle.

Thank God, We’ve Selected A Church

18 May

Editorial Update: After a confrontation with the pastor of this church (in which she told me that non-church-member weddings were very inconvenient), we decided to go with First United Methodist Church in Reno. Yes, it’s a farther drive, but who wants to be married by a grumpy pastor?!

After looking at seven possible reception venues and three churches, we’ve made our decision.

We’re still negotiating with the reception hall, but I can show you pictures of the church we’ve selected. It’s the First United Methodist Church in Carson City. It was built in 1867, and is a small but beautiful church.

Rough Morning

13 May

You know it’s going to be a rough morning when you spill your cereal on your pants, and you’re already at work.

Milk stains are professional looking, aren’t they?!