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30 Apr

I’m exhausted. After working on our marketing plan until close to 7:00 pm last night, (which required a lot of brain power), one of the executives from the Cal Neva came to meet with us, and we prompted her to tell us if the hotel really was haunted.

Her stories scared the you know what out of all of us. Three of us (myself included) slept with the lights and TV on last night. So in essence, I didn’t sleep well. Hence why I’m exhausted.

Let me just say that she convinced me that there is definitely something paranormal going on at that hotel. Yikes. Am looking forward to sleeping in my own un-haunted house tonight.

Funny Mom Story

28 Apr

While I was watching the morning news, they announced a contest for the funniest ‘Mom’ story. Although I’ve never entered a contest like that before, I knew I had the PERFECT story for it. So this is what I submitted, and if I win, Mom and I get treated to a spa day. *fingers crossed*

My mother’s name is Marsha. One day when I was a teenager, she was rambling on about something that someone had done to really irritate her. She was really into this story, and the whole time she was talking, all I could think in my head was Jan Brady’s quote from the Brady Bunch of “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha”.

So when my mother paused in her story telling, I did my best Jan Brady impression, putting my hands on my hips and taunting, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha”.

This didn’t go over well at all. Within a split second, I realized that there was a significant generation gap, as my Mom had no idea that I was actually quoting a 70s sit-com. Her face contorted and got red as she yelled, “Don’t talk to your mother like that! And don’t call me Marsha. Only three people in this world can call me Mom, and that is what you should call me.”

I stammered to explain that it was merely a joke, and that I had just said it to be funny. I gave a quick debrief of the “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” Brady Bunch episode, but she just sat there with a very confused look on her face. I managed to convey that I hadn’t meant to belittle her, but I’ve now learned not to joke with my mother about anything related to Marsha Brady.

Disclaimer: I had to be a bit creative with this story, as I don’t remember all the details…

Workin’ At The Lake

28 Apr

I’ll be attending a two day meeting the rest of this week at the Cal-Neva Resort. Although it’ll be a lot of work, I’m excited to have the views of the Lake, which will be much better than the view I have in my office (4 white walls).

This hotel used to be owned by Frank Sinatra and was frequented by Marilyn Monroe and the Rat Pack. Rumor has it that the hotel is haunted. I’ll let you know if I run into any famous ghosts up there.

Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………. (that’s my attempt at typing a ghost sound)

Weekend Debrief

26 Apr

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. It started out on Friday night when JB and I headed out to see our favorite 80s cover band. They play at this tiny bar in Carson City, and I enjoy people watching as much as I do the music.

On Saturday, we decided to close out the ski season at Squaw Valley. It was a glorious Spring day, and though the snow was a bit slushy and my new boots still hurt like a mother, it was a great time. We then retired to the pool and hot tub at High Camp. The pool and hot tub are actually at the top of the mountain, at 8,200 feet. It says a bit about the weather conditions that day when we were able to change into our swimsuits and bask in the sun right after skiing. But let me tell you, sitting in the sun after a day of skiing, with a cool beer in my hand and a handsome man at my side is truly a slice of heaven on earth.

After splashing around in the pool a bit, we braved the 25 person hot tub that was jam packed with people. I found a spot to sit that happened to be next to two European men in Speedos.

Aside: There is a time and a place for everything, but Speedos really don’t belong at the hot tub of a ski resort.

Anyway, the European Speedo Men got hot, and decided they should go roll in the snow. So they got out of the hot tub, and launched themselves face first into the snow bank by the hot tub. They both wiggled a bit, and then flipped over, wiggling some more.

The reaction of the American men in the hot tub was priceless. Here were a few of the comments:
“Now that’s just wrong.”
“Awe, man……”
“Did you see that wiggle?”

The men then got back up to enter the hot tub. One got in first, while the other grabbed a snow ball to throw at his Speedo wearing buddy. The snowball ended up hitting me in the face, so I got a close up of Speedo Man #2 as he came up to apologize to me. And meanwhile, I was thinking, Really, it’s OK….. You’re WAY too close to me…

After becoming prunes, we rode the cable car back down the mountain, and ate dinner at an Indian food restaurant in Reno that left A LOT to be desired. We then took a power nap, and headed out to Rum Bullions, a piano bar in Downtown Reno. We ordered up a huge Rum punch that came in a big ceramic bowl with two straws and was lit on fire before it was served to us. The bowl had a raised area in the center for the pure shot of rum that the bartender lit on fire. In one of my more brilliant moments, I dipped my straw in that center area and sucked the entire shot down, just to discover that it tasted strongly of matches. Blek!!! We had a blast dancing to the music, singing along, and watching two bachelorette parties make fools of themselves.

On Sunday, we took the three dogs on a 2 hour hike at the Tahoe Rim Trail. The Rim Trail goes all the way around Lake Tahoe, and we hiked to one of the most amazing views I’ve ever had of the Lake. The dogs had a blast playing fetch with pine cones, splashing in the puddles of snow melt, and eating the snow that remains in the shade.

We topped it all off with a steak dinner, wine and candlelight, all set to Frank Sinatra. Then, we went to the computer and booked two upcoming vacations… One to Lake Mead and one to San Diego. Very nice!

It was so perfect it seems like a dream. And speaking of dreams, the European Speedo Men visited me in my dreams last night. *shudder*

Dream Log II

23 Apr

My dream life has been extremely exciting lately. I’ve been having very vivid dreams every night. Last night’s escapade had me learning how to scuba dive. I was diving in Lake Tahoe, when I was attacked by a Mackeral. In real life, these fish don’t exist in Lake Tahoe, nor do they attack people. But in my dream, this fish grabbed on to my arm and tore through my wet suit with its teeth.

I really have to wonder if my unconscious mind is trying to tell me something. For two nights in a row, I’ve been in very trying circumstances in my dreams. In fact, two weeks ago, I dreamed that I was attacked by a shark. There has to be some significance there….

Dream Log

22 Apr

Last night, I had a dream that I was once again a lifeguard at the country club that I used to work for in Albuquerque. This is how it went:

Upon arriving to work at the pool, I immediately told the rookie guards that I had seven years guarding experience under my belt, and hence, they had to go up on the lifeguard stand first, while I took the first available break. (Yeah, I was being a bit egotiscial upon my return to the pool!)

I then started checking out the lifeguard shack, the place where lifeguards usually hang out when they’re on break. The shack had completely changed, and was now a rickety three story wooden structure. I climbed up to the top of the shack, where a bunch of other lifeguards were hanging out.

The wind started to blow, and the rickety structure started to lean and sway, and we decided that it wasn’t safe for us to remain there. The rest of the lifeguards all stood up, held hands, and jumped from the three story structure into the pool. I, on the other hand, decided it would be much wiser to climb down from the structure. I got splinters in my hands as I climbed my way back down to the ground, and barely made it out of the structure before it collapsed.

I woke up this morning wondering what the significance was that everyone else jumped, but I didn’t. Anyone want to analyze that for me?
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Cousin L Ryan Cook

19 Apr

I am pleased to announced that SIL J gave birth to Cousin L Ryan Cook at 8:30 pm on Friday night. He weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces (just like his Dad weighed when he was born). He was 19 inches long, and is as healthy as can be. Both Mom and baby are doing wonderfully, and they came home from the hospital on Saturday. Here is a shot of the whole family (Brother G, SIL J, Cousin J and Cousin L):

I was fortunate enough to meet baby Cousin L on Saturday while they were in the hospital. I got to witness Cousin J meeting his baby brother, which was absolutely priceless. Here he is patting his new baby brother:

Here is a picture of Cousin J after we finished riding a miniature train at the park. The train almost makes Cousin J look big!

I love being an aunt!

More photos of Cousin L and his family are available here.

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