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Happy Birthday, Dear Blog!

26 Feb

Today is my blog’s second birthday. Here is what I had to say back when I entered the world of blogging. This important day is easy for me to remember because it also happens to be my half birthday. Oh, good Lord, I am now 28 and a half. Where has the time gone? I’m getting damn close to 30, and am not liking that!!!

Well, I’ll be skiing today and tomorrow for work… It’s rough to be me!

Power Surge

25 Feb

The biggest storm of the winter is upon us, and just caused a crazy power surge at my office. My monitor went black, made a really loud buzzing noise, and I also felt a shock.

My heart is beating so fast right now. It scared the bejeevies out of me! Too bad it didn’t fry my computer so that I could go home….

Update: The power has now gone out twice since that surge. I sat here in the dark hoping it wouldn’t come back, but those folks at Sierra Pacific are a bit too efficient for my liking…

Happy Birthday, Mom!

24 Feb

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Mom,
Happy birthday to you.

Eat lots of cake tonight because calories don’t count on your birthday!

(Sorry, that was the only digital picture I could find of you…)

Preparing to Unhitch My Trailer

24 Feb

She caught me off guard. My defenses were down. So now, I somehow find myself signed up for the company softball league.

Ball sports have always been a challenge for me. I’m great in sports that don’t take a ton of hand-eye coordination, such as swimming, running, skiing, biking, etc. But put a ball into the mix and it’s a different story.

I played softball in a few intramural leagues in college. I was usually suckered in by Amber, who was trying to put a team together and needed another girl to complete the co-ed team.

We used to play softball with a bunch of cowboys. I remember Amber and I getting a big kick out of one particular cowboy cheering for a teammate who was running the bases by saying, ‘Unhitch your trailer!’

Amber was completely entertained by my antics as I attempted to play, and would laugh, saying, “You throw like a girl!” After enough of those comments from her and other teammates, I stopped being on those softball leagues, and vowed that I’d never do that to myself again.

But here I am, signed up for my company’s team because they needed another girl. What have I done?! Well, at least I know it will make for good blog material.

Skiing and Scrabble

23 Feb

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is JB standing in front of a black diamond ‘Most Difficult’ trail sign. The man that used to only want to ski groomed runs for a half day is now as much of a skiing addict as I am. He now skis full days on the bumps and through the trees with me. In fact, the man that I used to have to wait for at the bottom of each run is now consistently beating me down every hill now. I’m thrilled!

This picture is of my friends Paul and Laura from Michigan. I used to live in the flat above them in Berkley, MI, and they are truly great friends. We had a blast just hanging out and also hitting the slopes together.

We skied at Northstar on Friday, Sierra on Saturday, and then on Sunday, JB and I skied in a massive snow storm at Mt. Rose. It was a lot of skiing.

On Saturday, JB, Paul and I had a blast discovering trails through the trees at Sierra. It snowed the whole day, so the snow conditions were great. The three of us were doing a bit of off-trail exploring, with Paul leading, and I heard him say, “Woo-hoo, WOAH…. Don’t go this way!!!”

What Paul had thought was a lump of powder actually turned out to be a fallen tree. He stopped on top of the tree, and then had to ski across the tree to get off of it. It was pretty darn funny.

Sunday, after Paul and Laura left, JB and I headed up to Mt. Rose in the middle of a snow storm. It was very foggy on the mountain, so much so that we couldn’t even see the chair lift from the parking lot. The powder was great, though, and for the first time ever, I can actually say that I SKIED the powder instead of freaking out and snow plowing my way through it. And man, was that fun.

Last night, as we were unwinding, JB and I broke out the game of Scrabble that I had given him for Valentine’s Day. You may think that was a lame V-day gift, but I swear he had mentioned several times how he thought we’d be a good match at Scrabble. And we were. He only beat me by 30 points, and it would have been a much closer game if he hadn’t enforced some technicalities…

You see, both of us kind of chuckled at the directions when they said “Agree on which dictionary you are using before you start the game.” We agreed that we’d use JB’s dictionary and began to play.

A while later, he challenged my word of ‘Yo’. Now, according to the Scrabble directions, slang is acceptable as long as it is in the dictionary.

So he went off to get his dictionary, and when I saw it, I knew the thing was ancient. Turns out that JB’s dictionary is older than both of us, as it was published in 1969. I protested vehemently, saying that we needed to use since it would have current slang listed. He stuck to his guns, saying we had agreed to use his dictionary.

‘Yo’ wasn’t in his dictionary, and despite the fact that it had two listings on, he made me forfeit my turn. He later challenged my word of ‘Oreo’, which also wasn’t in his dictionary, but had two listings on Next time we play, I’m making sure that we use a more acceptable dictionary!!!

Happy Monday to everyone. This will be my first full week of work in three weeks, so it’s sure to be a long one for me!

Paul the Cross Dresser

19 Feb

My friends Paul and Laura arrived last night, but their checked luggage didn’t. All of their ski clothes and equipment are somewhere between here, Detroit and Los Angeles.

The airline offered to cover ski rentals, but they were up a creek when it came to ski clothing. Hence, I presented them with all of the ski clothing I own, and they’re planning to rent equipment on the slopes.

There is nothing like waking up in the morning to one of my best male friends wearing my entire ‘snowboarder chick’ ski outfit. I cringed at the fact that it fit him so well, but he is about my height and is a very fit guy.

His wife, Laura, on the other hand, is tiny. I’m talking 5’2″, size 2 tiny. I didn’t get a chance to see her in my ski pants, but I’m sure it wasn’t pretty. I have visions of her skiing down the slopes clutching the pants so that they don’t fall down. As Mom likes to say, “There isn’t anything small about the women in our family.” But now she has to ammend that, because my sister-in-laws are both pretty petite.

To make matters more complicated, my truck is in the shop because it needs a new fuel pump and fuel filter to the tune of $620 (yes, my bank account is screaming, crying, and bleeding profusley right now). I had planned to let my friends borrow my truck for the day, but since the truck is still in the shop, they had to rent a PT Cruiser for the day. I’m sure it’s killing Paul, my former co-worker from GM, to be driving a Daimler-Chrysler product!

My Latest Creation

18 Feb

Just in case you thought I wasn’t busy enough, I would like to reveal to you my latest pro bono side project: the Northern Nevada Chapter of the American Marketing Association website.

I am a board member for our local AMA Chapter (not to be confused with the American Medical Association), and it was my responsibility to create a new website for our chapter within the national organization’s structure. I was pretty limited by their structure, but at least all of the necessary content is there.

On to the next project. Some day, I hope to not have side projects hanging over my head during my off time.