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Where I’ve Been

30 Jan

I stumbled across this fun tool today. It shows graphically which states I’ve visited. It was less than I had thought, actually… The states in red are the states I’ve visited, a whopping 47%. I guess I have some more traveling to do!

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

Here’s a map showing what countries I’ve been to. I’ve only managed to see 1% of the countries in the world. Sure makes me want to whip out that passport and start using it again!

create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide


28 Jan

Political Blogs have to be the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. The politicians themselves don’t even post — they have their grunts do it. I really can’t imagine many people being entranced by the politically correct campaign spiels on these blogs, especially because I haven’t found anything on these blogs that hasn’t been plastered on the TV news.

It just goes to show, though, that blogs are really the new trendy thing to do. I’m installing one on my work site, and constantly hear marketing people talking about how to use blogs to market their products. I cringe at the thought of commercializing blogs more than they already are.

And the people talking the most about blogs don’t seem to really understand them. Like the person that told me a few weeks ago that the blog on my work site would only need 4 updates over 3 months. I looked at that person incredulously and said ‘You’ve never even read a blog, have you?’ Because really, a blog is pretty darn boring if you don’t post regularly.

And I was right. That person hadn’t ever read a blog. And I’d almost be willing to bet these presidential candidates don’t understand what blogging really is, anyway.

There’s my rant for the day. If you want to be really bored, check out these links:

Howard Dean
John Kerry
Wesley Clark

I Wanna Do It All

27 Jan

Every time I hear the country song ‘I Wanna Do It All’ by Terri Clark, I smile and think… I’ve been there and done that as she goes through everything she wants to do. There are just a few things she mentions that I haven’t done, but I’m working on them. I thought her lyrics with my comments might make a fun entry. Enjoy!

I Wanna Do It All

I’m sitting in traffic
For the 5th year in a row (OK, I really don’t do that, but I sit in front of a computer 9 hours a day…)
Wasting my time
Just to get
Where I do even wanna go
I started jaunting things down
On a krispy kreme sack (I don’t eat those, but read on…)
Everything I’d do
If I could leave this place
And never look back

I wanna do it all
Visit Paris in the fall (I visited Paris in September of 2002, and there were leaves turning, so I think that counts)
Watch the Yankee’s play ball (Did that at Yankee Stadium in August 1996)
I wanna take it all in
Catch a few beads (Caught many beads on two separate trips to ‘Nawlins’ in 1995 and 1996)
Down at Mardi Gras (OK, it wasn’t Mardi Gras, but it was crazy anyway…)
Start a tradition
Lay down the law
I wanna do it all

I want to drink tequila
Down in Tijuana (I’ve drank Tequila in Juarez and Ensenada, and I can’t imagine Tijuana being much different.)
Say why not
When somebody says
Hey do you wanna (Did that with spontanious road trips singing kareoke…)
I wanna get my heart broke
Once or twice (Done that twice, and Lord, I don’t want to do that AGAIN!)
Settle down with the love of my life (*Fingers crossed*)
Rock little babies to sleep at night (Someday… Someday…)

I wanna do it all
See Niagara falls (Been there twice.)
Fight city hall (Do traffic tickets count?)
Feel good in my skin (Almost there…)
Beating the odds
With my back to the wall
Trying to rob Peter
Without paying Paul
I wanna do it all
I wanna do it all
I wanna do it all

27 Weeks and Counting

27 Jan

One of my favorite online pass-times lately is charting the progress of my sister-in-law’s pregnancy. Here is the status of my nephew-in-progress, who is currently the size of a ‘huge Fuji apple’:

Week 27

What’s Happening to My Body?
The countdown continues: 27 weeks down, 13 to go. Welcome to the third trimester! Your baby now measures a little over 9.5 inches (24 centimeters) from crown to rump and weighs about two pounds (1000 grams). If he was a fruit, he’d be a huge Fuji apple.

Even if your baby were delivered prematurely at this point, he’d have a good chance of growing up healthy. His eyes are beginning to open. His skin may still be wrinkled, but he is getting plumper every day and filling out all that loose baggage. He can hear much more than he could a few weeks ago, but sounds are still muffled because his ears are plugged with the same waxy vernix caseosa that covers his skin. At birth, your baby will recognize your voice and probably your partner’s, and he may quiet down to listen to music or TV theme songs that he heard often in the womb. So choose your regular listening wisely; you don’t want to spend the next 10 years stuck with the Cheers soundtrack.

You’ve probably noticed that your balance is affected as you get bigger, so it’s important to move carefully and avoid falling. Your ligaments are loosening up in preparation for pushing that baby out, so you may feel unstable or loose in the hips. Loosening and shifting may cause occasional sharp pains in your pelvic area, and you may feel them more with each pregnancy. Sudden changes in direction are not a good idea; to put it bluntly, you’re kind of a klutz these days. Act accordingly.

Information from

Girl Power

26 Jan

This weekend, my dear friend Samantha was visiting. Samantha and I were friends in Michigan for about four years. We both grew up in Albuquerque, our brothers had been friends, our mothers were friends, but it took both of us living in Michigan before we would ever meet.

We went to the same high school and the same college, but just not at the same time. So we know a lot of the same people and places, which makes our conversations a lot of fun.

On Saturday, while JB was busy recording his fourth CD, Samantha and I went snow shoeing, and hiked back to a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe. The entire time, we chatted, making up for the two years that had passed since we had last seen each other. She’s one of those friends where you can just pick up where you left off, and that just feels so good.

After snow shoeing, Sam and I went to lunch at Garwood’s, a restaurant with incredible views of the lake.

That night, after JB was finished recording, the three of us headed to Downtown Reno, where we saw The Spirit of the Dance, which is a Riverdance like show. We shared quite a few laughs because JB had determined that the star of the show looked remarkably like my sister-in-law, Jane, and we couldn’t wait to tell her that we had discovered her secret second life. (Jane, you were wonderful, really!) I also had quite a few flash backs to the days of Drill Team in high school, where I did precision dancing, high kicks, and sported the fake smile (it was mandatory).

After the show, we had dinner at Brew Brothers and enjoyed the tunes of a good cover band. A friend once told me that Brew Brothers was voted the #1 place in Reno to find a ‘sugar daddy’, so we were looking around for a good prospect for Samantha, but unfortunately, we didn’t find any.

On Sunday, the three of us rented cross country skis and headed up to Northstar’s cross country trails. JB had never been on cross country skis before, I had been once before (with Sam in MI), and Sam had been several times. But we were about as beginner as you can get. JB took to it immediately, which wasn’t a surprise to me, and ended up being way ahead of Sam and me.

Going downhill on cross country skis is riveting, as you don’t really have control over your skis. Or at least us beginners didn’t. Slight downhills that wouldn’t phase me on my downhill skis had me screaming as I went down them on cross country skis. At one point, we decided to practice going downhill by joining all of the little tykes on the bunny hill on the downhill slopes. They have this moving sidewalk like contraption where you stand on it as it pulls you up the hill. We then all three ventured down the bunny hill, making sure to avoid all of the toddlers that were skiing a bit out of control. It was really pretty funny. Kids these days have it EASY when it comes to learning to ski. The moving sidewalk was a piece of cake compared to the rope tows that I learned on.

But I digress. We then tried some trails that went mostly uphill, and eventually, Sam said she was going back to the lodge because she didn’t like going uphill. I didn’t like it either, but I was on a mission to keep up with JB.

So after climbing uphill for about 20 minutes, JB and I turned around. This meant a lot of downhill skiing on our cross country skis. I turned to JB and said ‘Let’s race’, and I started skating and poling to get ahead of him. About 10 feet later, I crossed my skis and landed on my butt. JB was very entertained by that. So, once again, he ended up way ahead of me. I then took a wrong turn, landing myself on an expert cross country trail, which basically means it’s really steep.

I went down that hill screaming and completely out of control, and ended up crashing to a stop. I was lying on my belly with my skis out behind me when JB came around a corner and said ‘why did you go that way?’ Ugh. Like I did that on purpose, really. Trying to follow Adventure Boy can be treacherous.

But karma got even with him, as he ended up crashing at the bottom of the next hill, and almost went over a pretty steep drop off. His adrenaline must have really been pumping.

Alas, we all survived the cross country ski outing, but I have to admit I am a bit sore today. I’m not sure we’ll be doing that much in the future.

After skiing, we went out to dinner at the Atlantis Oyster Bar and then rented the Italian Job. We had intended to watch the movie in my living room, but after 45 minutes of the three of us unsuccessfully trying to hook up the DVD player to my downstairs TV, we gave up. The only other option was watching the movie in my bedroom, so the three of us piled onto my bed, which was very cozy. JB could really impress his friends by telling them that he was in bed with two women. He’d just have to omit the fact that we were all three clothed and it was totally G rated.

So that was my weekend. I’m now off to deposit Sam back at the airport. It was really nice to get some good quality girl time in this weekend.

On a separate note, I accidentally managed to drive over JB’s ski boot with my Trans Am on Friday. Gads…. His ski equipment happened to be in my garage, and one of his boots had fallen from its perch. I didn’t see it, and when I was backing out of the garage, I felt a ‘ka-thunk’. I didn’t think much of it, but when I returned that evening, I discovered JB’s boot lying in my path. Cringing, I got out of my car and inspected it for damage. It was OK, except for one broken buckle.

When he came over that night, I sheepishly looked at him and said, ‘I did something bad.’

His immediate response was ‘Did you back the Trans Am into my truck?’

Now, really, he should know me better than that. I would have much more distraught if that was the case. I would have felt miserable about hitting his truck, plus I would have been bordering a nervous break down if I had crunched up my Trans Am.

Anyway, I fessed up about running over his boot, and promised that I’d get it fixed or buy him a new pair (gulp). Luckily, it only cost me $5 for a new buckle, and the boot is ready for him to use this upcoming weekend. Phew!

So does anyone else have some good weekend stories for me? Leave a comment!

Weapons of Mass Destruction

22 Jan

I got a kick out of this link. Hope you do, too.

Blasted Spammers!

22 Jan

It’s not enough that I delete approximately 400 spam e-mails from my work account daily, and a good 100 in my personal account every day. No, spammers are now attacking my blog, and it’s really making me mad.

Over the past three weeks, I’ve had porn sites and gambling sites bombarding my comments, usually adding over 80 comments to 80 different entries at a time. It takes four clicks (I counted) to delete each spam comment, so that is 320 clicks to clean up my site.

So now you can imagine how enraged I was to log into my blog today and to discover that a new spammer had placed over TWO HUNDRED spam comments on my site. I don’t know when I’m going to find the time to do the 800 clicks it will take to delete those.

Argh! Spammers, go away!