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Gobble Gobble

26 Nov

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for: (in no particular order)

  • The bun in my sister-in-law’s oven
  • Having a happy and healthy family, including my fun-loving parents (Mom and Dad), brothers to keep me in line, sister-in-laws that are more like girlfriends, and an adorable nephew that loves to talk to me on the phone
  • My God daughter, Kylie Grace, and her mother (my best friend), Amber
  • JB (need I say more?)
  • Tucker the pooch and Murray the cat
  • Having a job that I love
  • Living in a place that I love

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Deck the Office, Continued

25 Nov

Today’s assignment was to go to Costco to purchase 10-15 poinsettias and three reindeer. I filled an entire pallet cart at Costco with three foot tall poinsettias and the reindeer, and it was like I was Mrs. Claus spreading Christmas cheer.

Everyone in Costco wanted to talk to me — to compliment me on my plants, ask how I was going to keep them alive (my response was I didn’t care…. they’re for a party on Monday), say that I must have a really big house, etc.

On the way to my truck, a panhandler befriended me and wanted to help me load the poinsettias into my truck. Despite the fact that I declined his offer, he helped me pack up the truck to the gills in poinsettias, and even made the comment that the cat food I had bought was ‘really good dog food’.

Of course, he then hit me up for money, and since he had made a good effort, I gave him a five. I figure it’s not too early for me to get in the holiday spirit.

Upon my return to the office, I was told that my next job was to hang snowflakes from the ceiling. Since I’m the tallest person in the department, I was the only person who could reach. So, there I was, standing in my stocking feet on other peoples’ desks, using thumbtacks to affix snowflakes to the ceiling. I tried to affix one by lifting a ceiling tile, and was greeted by a down pouring of dust. At that point, my boss asked what I was doing, and my reply was “Evidently, I’m giving myself dandruff”.

There is a work party I have to go to tonight, so during all of these activities, I’ve been wearing my best wool suit. I have ceiling dust and poinsettia dirt all over it. Lovely.

So that has been my day. Merry Christmas. Oh, wait, maybe I should wish you a happy Thanksgiving first. From my office, it’s really hard to tell which holiday is next.

Deck the Office

24 Nov

We’re having an Open House party for our office next Monday so that people in the community can see our new offices. It was decided that each department had to do holiday themed decorations, so I spent the afternoon decking out our office in the theme of ‘An America’s Adventure Place Christmas’. (For those of you that forgot, we brand Reno-Tahoe as America’s Adventure Place.)

So the tree has ornaments of skis, ice skates, sleds, fishermen, etc. Evidently, my ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ personality trait isn’t acceptable to the other women in the office when it comes to my decorating skills. I was harrassed quite a bit about how I hung the lights on the tree and how I spaced ornaments on the tree. It was all in good fun, though.

Each of us had to decorate our own wreath for our office door. I’ve never decorated a wreath before, and the women in our office watched in amazement as I came up with my own methods of decorating a wreath. Being that I have tentative plans to ski in two weeks and that I saw Warren Miller’s Journey on Saturday, I’m really in the mood for skiing. Hence, I decorated my wreath with a skier ornament and bumper stickers from area ski resorts. Not your typical wreath, but perfect to grace my door. We’ll have representatives from the ski areas at the party, so I was thinking about putting a sign on the door saying that they could feel free to add ski tickets to the wreath. Now wouldn’t that be nice?!

Vacation Pics

21 Nov

I won’t torture you with all of the pics I took in Seattle and Canada (unless you’re one of the poor souls on my photo distribution list). So here are three of my favorites:

JB and I at the top of the Space Needle.

JB and I on the ferry back from Victoria, Canada. This was shortly after my poor navigational skills caused us to miss the first ferry, which in turn caused us to miss our plane. We recovered well, I must say.

Now, really… Who could resist kissing this?! (OK, maybe you guys out there could.)

Well, plans for the weekend are a bit up in the air. I’m hoping to make the Warren Miller ski movie on Saturday, and see my favorite local 80s cover band, Bad Intent.

Search and You Will Find

20 Nov

So here are the search phrases that brought people to my site in 2003. I must have disappointed a bunch of people, especially the ones looking for brothel information and pictures of women in slutty shoes….

gm dealerworld
dealerworld — these two are understandable — that’s the site I managed at GM
bunny ranch — This came from a posting I did about Vince Neil being charged with assault of a prostitute at the Bunny Ranch brothel.
slutty shoes — I admit I had a fascination with slutty shoes in the late summer… (Slutty shoes in my definition are cute sandals with platform heels.)
camel toes — Ah…. Must have been a post about my college days…
bunny ranch nevada — Yet another person looking for a brothel and only found my comments on Vince Neil.
lynnette cook — People are looking for me! I’m a celebrity!
where’s waldo picture — The poor people looking for Waldo actually found a picture of my high school reunion. Sorry!
so long sweet summer — Yet another great Dashboard Confessional song… I posted the lyrics because I couldn’t get the song out of my head.
celebrity camel toes — Sorry, no celebrity camel toes here. In fact, you won’t find any camel toes here, but I’ve typed that phrase so much in this posting, I’m sure to go up in the search rankings!
Ski Crash Pictures — Masochistic people wanted to see ski crashes ended up seeing pictures of the leap off of a cornice that tweaked my knee
Where’s Waldo pictures — Crap, I’m sorry, people…. Waldo is not here…
pictures of ellen rimbauer — I think I did a posting like 2 years ago about reading the Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, and sorry, I don’t have any pictures of her either!

In other news, JB and I were more shocked than Kelly Joe that she got ousted on The Bachelor last night. Now the chick from Beverly Hills will have to move to Michigan, and I’d be willing to bet she won’t be able to handle those winters (hell, I couldn’t!).

Random Thoughts, Second Edition

19 Nov

  • The Bachelor is on tonight. JB and I are having one final ‘Bob Party’, where we’ll be rooting for Kelly Jo. JB is also pretty excited about the Victoria’s Secret show on right after The Bachelor.
  • I am dog sitting my brother’s dog, and how in the hell does he know when it is 30 minutes BEFORE my alarm is supposed to go off?! Two days in a row, I awoke to his whining and crying. I then got up to put he and Tucker outside, and went back to bed. He proceeded to bark and yelp at the top of his lungs because I had left him outside. Oh, brother.
  • I’m rather entertained by the ‘twist’ on Average Joe… The idea that this girl was surrounded by average guys and started to narrow down the field just to have three ‘hunks’ added is pretty funny. I be she chooses a hunk. Although only one of the guys they added was a hunk in my opinion and he was really short. You all know that heigth is a huge turn-on for me!
  • There is only one week left until I make the trek to meet JB’s parents. I’m excited and nervous. But heck, what’s not to like, right? (I hope…)
  • I am back in the workout grind after my sickness. I actually didn’t lose as much strength as I expected. I was able to pick right back up where I left off, except for with a few coughing fits occasionally. The people in the gym just love those. Really.
  • My mug from which I drink my herbal tea now leaks, and I have three spots on my pants today from escaped drips. Damnit.
  • My life has been pretty boring lately, so I must resort to talking about herbal tea and reality TV on my blog. Pretty pititul, I know.

Weekend of Junkyards and Dogs

17 Nov

Well, I think I’m finally on the mend again. The cough that has kept me up at night and home during the day is finally subsiding, thankfully not making me cough until I gag anymore.

So as for this weekend, I…

  • Went to two Pick ‘N Pull junkyards. JB needed a few parts for his truck, and is bound and determined to find these parts at a junkyard. We hit one last weekend, and two this past Saturday. One of them on Saturday was quite the experience. I think they thought they were like a bar. There was a one dollar cover charge, and after you paid, they stamped your hand with a bright purple stamp that says ‘Pick N Pull’. Now I’ve always wanted to have a Pick N Pull stamp on my hand. After walking through many many rows of cars and trucks, we came back empty handed.
  • Was JB’s groupie at the Reno Blues Society Mash Bash. It is a charity event that has a bunch of bands playing. There was even a costume contest to see who had the best Mash themed (think of the TV show MASH) costume. I was most entertained by two women dressed in cheerleader skirts with go go boots and pig tails. Please tell me who in the heck wore that on MASH! JB and I befriended a man dressed like Klinger (he was wearing a dress), who convinced us to stop watching the people dancing and to join them. We had a blast dancing, and I even thanked Klinger for motivating us to leave our seats.
  • Entertained four dogs, including Tucker, my brother’s dog Ralph (he’s on vacation for a week), and JB’s two dogs. Four dogs in the back of my Blazer is WAY too much, especially after they’ve been wading in mud.
  • Soaked in a hot tub
  • Assisted JB in an oil change

So that’s about it. I’m planning to get back to the gym after a two week hiatus…. Damn, I hate being sick.