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30 Oct

Crap. I totally lost my bet with JB on the Bachelor. Meredith got kicked off last night, meaning I owe JB a massage. Oh well…. I guess there will be plenty of time for me to pay up on our VACATION!!! Kelly Joe is totally going to win now.

OK, I’ve received two comments about people not speaking French in Vancouver. I know that, but having recently lived on the Canadian border at Windsor, I know that most of the products you buy there have French on the labels, so I can impress JB while reading him labels, right? There is also French on their money, and they have French language TV shows. So there… I’ll speak French there, but it may just be to myself!

Oh my gosh, am I ready for a vacation! Just think….. This time tomorrow I could be sitting in a little coffee joint in Seattle!

No More Driving Excitement

29 Oct

It is a damn shame that Pontiac is pulling out of NASCAR. I love Pontiac. I used to work for Pontiac, back when the brand motto was ‘Driving Excitement’.

Then they cancelled my favorite Pontiac car, the Firebird. That left Pontiac with a bunch of sedans and a minivan, which isn’t horribly exciting.

So now their motto is ‘Fuel for the Soul’, and evidently that fuel isn’t racing fuel.

When I was working for Pontiac, I got to meet all of the Pontiac NASCAR drivers. I still have a picture hanging in my bedroom of me with all of the pontiac drivers, and it is autographed by all of them, with the enscription saying “To Lynnette — Pontiac is Cookin’!” (Cookin’ being a play off of my last name.)

After meeting Bobby LaBonte that day, I became an avid fan, and Bobby hasn’t let me down much. But GM, on the other hand, has totally let me, and the legacy of Pontiac down. Way to kill the cool brand, GM. At least I’m doing my part to keep Driving Excitement alive by driving the Trans Am.

Crisis at

29 Oct

I gave my brother and sister in law a website for their wedding present. I offered to update the site for them for the next year as part of their gift.

So today, my brother, Chuck, sends me a picture he wants me to add to the site. Not a big deal, right? It took all of about a minute to drop it into Frontpage, and then I hit the Publish button.

It took FOREVER to upload, and I wasn’t sure why uploading one picture would take so long. That is until I happened to go to my website,, when I discovered that stupid Frontpage had published to, and my site was GONE.

Panic ensued.

So then I went back to my files and republished them, and it took almost a half hour to complete. *fingers crossed that everything is OK*

I added some more photos to my photos section, so check them out.

In other news, JB and I are betting on our favorites for the Bachelor. We’re shamelessly addicted to the show. I’ve got my money on Meredith, while JB is rooting for Kelly Joe. I do have to admit that Kelly is FROM Michigan, and could handle the miserable winters there, since that is where Bachelor Bob lives. (He actually lives really close to where I used to live there.) Meredith is from LA, meaning she could win, but the odds of her surviving in Michigan are slim (at least in my point of view).

A Picture Says 1000 Words

28 Oct

Remember when I went to Lake Tahoe with JB for a sunset picnic on the beach? That still goes down as one of the best dates ever, and here is a self portrait from that outing…

Me and JB

Note: I played with the coloring to antique the pic. The color version actually made my face look really funky because they over-enhanced it when the film was developed. Changing the color on the pic salvaged my face, but sacrificed the sunset colors in the background. I guess that means I prefer looking better than the Lake.

Weekend Update

27 Oct

I really don’t understand how weekends can fly by so fast while the weeks just drag. Perhaps it’s because my weekends have been so enjoyable over the past several months.

Here’s what I (OK, we — JB and I) did:

  • Went to a bar in Carson City on Friday night and danced to rap/hip hop music. All of the songs had the same beat, so dancing got a little monotonous. It was actually rather entertaining to watch all of the white people trying to dance to it.
  • Did hard manual labor for JB on Sat. morning (translation: aerated his lawn and planted some shrubs)
  • Went to the UNR Homecoming football game Sat. afternoon…. Showed up in the 4th quarter due to the hard manual labor taking longer than expected, and enjoyed the college atmosphere. Next time, I plan to tail gate and sit in the student section.
  • Saturday night, we went out to dinner with my brothers and their wives, and my nephew Jack. We went to Outback, where the wait was ONLY 70 minutes. (Mental note: Don’t go to chain restaurants on a Saturday night any more!)
  • Sunday we went another great hike in an area called Blue Lakes. The Fall colors were great, and the dogs enjoyed swimming in a lake.

So that’s it. Not horribly exciting to read about, but it was a lot of fun to experience.

You, Too, Can Be a Big Winner

23 Oct

Anyone that reads this blog knows that I’m a huge fan of the Reno-Tahoe area. Well, I’m currently running two contests for work, where we’re giving away trips to Reno-Tahoe, so if you want to try your chances of experiencing it for yourself (and helping me boost entry numbers), here are the links:

Win a Reno-Tahoe Golf Adventure
Trip a Week Giveaway

(Shameless plug complete….)

Singing in the Rain

23 Oct

Next week, I’ll be headed to Seattle and Vancouver, Canada for my first official vacation with JB. I can’t wait. In fact, my mind is already there, and I just have to wait a week for my body to catch up.

Things on the ‘Must see or do’ list for the vacation include:

  • Drink coffee from an official Seattle coffee stand
  • Check out that Space Needle
  • Go to a Seattle club and try to look grunge with my bangs and rain coat
  • Eat LOTS of sea food
  • Spend every moment of sunshine/part in the clouds outside (might not be many of those)
  • Sleep in
  • Make an effort to speak and read French in Canada (bad words don’t count)

The list is rather short right now because we’ve decided that this will be a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ type of vacation, so we’re really not sure how many days will be in Seattle and how many will be in Vancouver. And as long as my ‘Must see or do’ list remains short, there shouldn’t be any stress of trying to make sure we fit it all in.

Now I’m off to get the zipper on my suitcase repaired. After one too many trips of stuffing that thing as much as I could, the zipper just up and petered out on me.

Oh, and did I mention we’re going during rainy season?!