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Counter Googling

28 Aug

This is a fascinating article about Counter Googling. Googling (defined by this article as checking people’s backgrounds on the internet via search engine Google) is one of my favorite online activities, and it looks as though I’m not the only one who enjoys it.

The article brings up an interesting point for marketers… That companies can Google you in order to more effectively market to you. I guess I’m a standing target for this new scheme, considering I have a public blog. Anyway, here are some of my favorite quotes from the article:

“The art of ‘Googling’ — which started out as a useful tool for weeding out psychopaths from the online dating game and performing a quick double-check on an applicant’s claim about his or her astonishing career…”

“Best chance of hitting the data-jackpot? Three million or so bloggers: consumers who keep an Internet diary, revealing to all the world their commercial preferences, daily doings, recent holiday photos, habits and customs, family matters and what have you. And what about millions and millions of online resumes, showing detailed career paths, marital status and ‘life and work objectives’?”

It’s almost scary. I know I’ve had conversations at work about trying to use blogs as a marketing vehicle, but this really brings up a whole new vessel. At first I was thinking Oh, God, I’ve created a monster, knowing that my blog and portfolio are floating around in cyber-space. But then I started thinking that companies that can afford Counter-Googling probably have high end products or services. I mean, heck, it wouldn’t be so bad finding a CD or book from my wish list waiting for me in a hotel room some day!

Camel Races

28 Aug

I totally want to go to the Virginia City Camel Races next weekend. It’ll be tough to fit in, considering my brother is getting married that Saturday, but I think I’ll just have to sneak off for a few hours to catch a camel or ostrich race.

If you knew me in college, you know that I have a special affinity to Camels. This would be an excellent photo op!

Pontiac to the Rescue

27 Aug

You know, when I worked at General Motors, I would have told you that their customer service was worthless, but today, my entire opinion has changed.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had electrical demons in my car. Basically, when I use the remote lock/unlock buttons, my headlights would pop up and then grind shut. The repair was estimated at $600, and I was 3 months out of warranty.

I called a personal contact at GM, who just recommended I call Customer Assistance. I did so, completely expecting them to tell me to go fly a kite. Well, I got a call from Customer Assistance this morning informing me that the entire $600 bill would be covered under warranty. Woohoo! How cool is that?!

See, General Motors is the best car manufacturer. Besides the fact that I used to work for them, they totally took care of me as a customer, without me even having to beg for assistance from my former coworkers.

Thanks for the belated birthday present, GM!

Birthday Bouquet

27 Aug

Aren’t they pretty?!

My Birthday, by the Numbers

26 Aug

Today, I am 28.

This morning, at 6 a.m., I went for a 4.8 mile bike ride and ran across 12 wild mustangs.

When I came into work, I had 2 messages from 2 of my favorite people wishing me a happy birthday.

I have to work 8 hours today, and it will be another 4 years until my birthday falls on a weekend. (That sucks.)

1 year ago today, I celebrated my birthday with Mom in Paris. She took me to the Moulin Rouge, which was an excellent show.

2 years ago, my cat Murray tried to commit suicide by eating some stargazer lilies that had been given to me the day before. 250 dollars later, he had 2 shaved legs from the IV and was fine.

7 years ago today, I met the first man I ever loved, and 4 months later, he broke my heart.

20 minutes ago I had 1 beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to me from 1 handsome and thoughtful man.

1 birthday lunch with the cutest couple I know in Nevada.

1 breakfast with 3 dishes that are Atkins Diet friendly, courtesy of the girls in the office.

1 table for 2 at dinner.

All in all, the 26th was 1 great day.

The Long Awaited Reunion Pics

25 Aug

I finally have some pictures to show from the infamous 10 Year High School Reunion. We took a lot more pictures, but for some reason (that probably had something to do with the alcohol I consumed), they didn’t turn out. I really wanted to show all of you the pictures of breakdancing, our class stripper that was on the Jenny Jones Show, and the Chicken Dance, but alas, those pictures will remain in my memory only. Here are the ones that turned out decent. Enjoy!

Me two-stepping to Funky Cold Medina with my ex-boyfriend’s twin brother who is now a bull rider.

I think David was saying “How does that camera work?”, and I demonstrated.

For some reason, when Amber and I drink together, we end up doing fake les81an (used numbers to fool search engines) k1ss3s for the camera.

Cheesing it up with Liz and Jen.

I felt the need to document that my friends Mike and David were wearing matching shirts…

And, one non-reunion pic… This is me and my goddaughter, Kylie Grace. I’m going to teach her to be just like me when she grows up.

Naked Rock Stackers

22 Aug

Last Friday, I went to the beach at Lake Tahoe with a friend. The beach we went to is known for being a nude beach, so we weren’t suprised to see a few women showing skin when we arrived.

However, there was one woman that really intrigued me. She had to be in her mid-40s, and she was bottom-less. (I think going bottom-less is pretty unusual, especially in a setting where you could get a lot of sand in places where sand isn’t meant to be.) She was completely shaved and had a huge glinting silver piercing down there…

The entire time we were at the beach, she methodically waded about 2 feet into the water, and was stacking rock upon rock until she had at least twenty rock stacks that were a few feet above the water.

She made quite a production out of this. She would spread her legs wide, and bend ALL the way over, making sure to give everyone a clear view of her you know what, and then would do almost a ballet dance step as she stacked the rock and then looked for another rock to stack.

I didn’t think much of this Naked Rock Stacker until a few days later. I looked out the window of my office earlier this week to discover similar rock stacks in the middle of the Truckee River. And then last night in Sparks, I stumbled upon a really cute guy stacking rocks in his front yard.

I had to wonder… Is there some symbolism of rock stacking that I just don’t know about? Is there some secret underground cult of Naked Rock Stackers?

My curiosity got the best of me, and I stopped and asked the cute, but dressed Rock Stacker, “Is there a specific reason why you’re stacking rocks, or are you doing it just for the hell of it?”

He looked at me like I was batty. Hell, I wasn’t the one stacking rocks.

“Just thought it looked cool.” He said.

I think he was just a wanna be Rock Stacker, since he was clothed and was doing it for no reason.

I’m going to get to the bottom of this. But I’m not going to go bottom-less to do it.