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Vince Neil and the Bunny Ranch

31 Jul

So the day after we went to see Vince Neil of Motley Crue, he evidently went to visit one of the infamous Nevada brothels. Check on this article posted on

Police in Nevada have issued a warrant for the arrest of M�tley Cr�e singer Vince Neil, who allegedly attacked a prostitute at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

The warrant stems from a July 10 incident involving Andrea Terry, a sex worker at the brothel near Carson City, who accuses Neil of grabbing her around the throat and throwing her against the wall, according to the criminal complaint. Neil faces misdemeanor battery charges and a bail of at least $1,000, according to a Dayton Township court clerk.

Neil was arrested last year for an incident involving record producer Michael Schuman, who accused the singer of punching him in the face and knocking him to the ground (see “Motley Crue Singer Wanted On Assault Charges”). Neil entered a no-contest plea to the charge and was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service, pay restitution and go through the booking process, which placed his fingerprints on file with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

If convicted of this latest assault charge, Neil would face a maximum of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, according to the Lyon County district attorney’s office.

Reps for the Moonlite Bunny Ranch refused to comment. Neil’s manager didn’t return calls.

Well, I doubt Vince will want to come back to Nevada. Not a big loss, let me tell ya. Some day, I’m going to do a driving tour of the local brothels. I just want to see if I can catch a glimpse of the employees!

Surgery Isn’t the Fix-All

31 Jul

A man I know recently had gastric bypass surgery. Yes, he was a very big man, and he made the decision because he wanted to improve his health.

He had the surgery a few weeks ago, and since then, has suffered a heart attack and a stroke. He has been in a coma since emerging from the operating room.

I think that a lot of people are seeing the well-publicized success stories of stars such as Carnie Wilson and Al Rocher, but we’re not seeing everything that could go wrong. I had no idea the surgery could cause a stroke.

I feel so bad for him. In an effort to improve his health and appearance, he has suffered insurmountable complications, and most likely won’t be the same when and if he emerges from the coma.

Birthday Wish List

30 Jul

Not to be blatant, or anything, but in addition to my Amazon Wish List, I’d really like some weight lifting gloves, or this Heart Rate Monitor. Or if you’re feeling extra generous, this Body Fat Monitoring Scale and Heart Rate Monitor package.

OK, I’m done being selfish. For now.

Queen Clueless Srikes Again

30 Jul

Queen Clueless was back in the gym this morning. We were in the locker room at the same time again, and we both pretended our previous conversation didn’t happen.

She was waltzing around the locker room wearing her short silk robe that she wears while she’s getting ready. Except this morning, the back of the robe was firmly lodged in her crack the entire time.

I’m pure evil, aren’t I?!

Queen Clueless

29 Jul

I had an interesting experience at the gym yesterday. There is this woman there, we’ll call her Queen Clueless, who just started showing up at the gym a few weeks ago. She wears some incredible outfits (my favorite was the pink spandex tights, belly shirt, with a maroon lace thong peaking over her waist band), and worst of all, she doesn’t have a clue of how to use the machines at the gym. She uses them so wrong that I’ve debated talking to her about hiring a personal trainer, because if she keeps this up, she’s sure to injure herself.

Yesterday morning, while I was stripping off my sweaty clothes in the locker room and preparing for my well-deserved shower, she comes up and opens a locker next to mine. She then says, “I notice that you are writing everything down when you workout.”

“Yeah, I plan out my workouts in advance and chart my progress.”

“Are you doing that Body of Life?” She asks.

“Body FOR Life? No. I did that for three months and didn’t see any results.”

“Oh, well there is this local martial arts place that has outlined a 10 week program, and everyone that has completed it saw results. I just started it today. I can make you a copy if you’d like.”

“No thanks. My program was designed for me by my personal trainer. Have you met with one of the trainers here yet?” I’m thinking yes! I have found a way to tactfully recommend a trainer to her without insulting her.

“Oh, yes. They’re great!” She then starts quizzing me on if I’m watching my calories, drinking enough water, etc. Then, she dives into her theories of metabolism.

Meanwhile, I’m just looking for a way out of this. I’m ready for my shower, wearing only one of the tiny towels they provide at the gym, and REALLY not in the mood to take fitness advice from Queen Clueless.

I mean, I’ve finally seen some results. So far, I’ve lost 14 pounds, which is HUGE for me, considering I went 6 months without any results at all. I’m finally starting to feel really good about myself again, and this woman seems to think I have a problem and she can help me fix it.

Argh. The fact that this interaction took place at 7 a.m. didn’t help matters either. Go away, Queen Clueless!

I’ll be 28 in less than a month. Here is my

In Memory of Bonnie

28 Jul

This last weekend, we lost a member of our family. My brother’s family dog, Bonnie, left us for doggie heaven on Saturday. She had a brain tumor, which was causing uncontrollable siezures.

But that was just the last part of her life. Bonnie was a great dog. She was a Lab/German Shepard mix. She had yellow fur that curled down the center of her back. On her nose, she had a white spot with the cutest little black flecks. And she had these huge brown eyes.

Bonnie had a great personality. She was so lovey, and one of her favorite pass-times was to curl up with my sister-in-law, Jane. She was great with my nephew, letting him poke and prod, and climb all over her. She’d just turn around and lick him.

She gave a log of doggie kisses. Bonnie loved to lick your hands, face, or whatever she could reach.

I remember the day my brother and sister-in-law, Jane, got Bonnie and her brother, Clyde. It was Memorial Day six years ago. I had driven up from the Bay area for a visit, and when I walked through the door, Jane was practically bursting with excitement. She grabbed me by the wrist, and said ‘I have to show you what we got’.

She led me to the back yard, where there were two adorable puppies. They must have been 8 weeks old. Clyde looks like a black lab with white on his chest, and Bonnie was a little fur-ball I could hold in my two hands.

I’m glad that they still have Clyde around, as he is a lot like Bonnie. On her last day, they took her to the lake by their house, let her swim and play with Clyde, and watched as she wagged her tail, something that had become a rare occurance. They then took her to the vet, where she went to sleep with her head in Jane’s lap. May she rest in peace. (Here is link I dedicate to Bonnie.)

Lake Tahoe, the Jewel of My Heart

28 Jul

I had a truly wonderful weekend. We camped on the beach of Lake Tahoe, at Meeks Bay. Here is a 360 pic of the beach. If you can’t view that, check out this picture.

We arrived Friday night, set up camp, and then relaxed by the camp fire. I snuck away to look at the night sky reflecting on the Lake, which was incredible. This was the first time I had been camping since having my vision corrected, and I was thrilled to leave the moon roof of our tent off and gaze at the stars before drifting off to sleep.

The campground host came over to check us in, and told us that there were new bear-proof trash containers this year. Considering a bear was spotted during our trip to the same place last year, I asked him if they had seen any bears in the campground recently.

“Every night,” the host said. “You can guarantee they’ll be around if you or your neighbors leave out food.”

Yipes! I asked him if this included coolers, and he said it did.

The story about a man being attacked while sleeping in his tent a few weeks ago flashed through my mind.

Now the rest of our group were all staying in campers. So when it came time to retire to our sleeping quarters, I got up and started putting away coolers, and gathering up all the beer bottles that were littering our site.

My brother, Chuck thought this was hilarious, and that I was extremely paranoid. He, on the other hand, would sleep soundly in his hard-sided camper with his gun inside. I was the source of much ridicule over the weekend for being afraid of bears, but I’m proud to report that I am in one piece today, after avoiding becoming bear food.

On Saturday, we hopped in our rafts with the dogs (my brother’s two dogs, my dog, plus one of my future sister-in-law’s sister’s dog) to ride down the Truckee River. This is one of my very favorite activities out here. However, Saturday wasn’t quite as enjoyable as it usually is.

About 1/4 way through the ride, we were passing my future sister-in-law with her two dogs in tow, and my brother’s dog, Ralph, decided to literally jump ship. He leaped gracefully from her raft into ours.

The water was flowing really fast, meaning a lot of steering was required. I assumed the responsibility of manning the two dogs (who sat and stood in my lap), while [The Man Now Known as The Ex] had the paddles. I ended up with cuts and bruises from the dog claws as they scrambled in and out of the raft. Tucker LOVES to raft, though, and spent half of the time swimming ahead of the raft. One of the girls in our group got seasick, and two others had their rafts pop along the way. Ours, luckily, held firm.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday, we hung out on the beach, which was just what the doctor ordered. I pulled on my shortie wetsuit and went for some really long swims in the Lake, in an effort to train for the Alcatraz Sharkfest.

Swimming in Lake Tahoe is absolute luxury. Breathing to either side, there are incredible views. The water is so clear, that you can see at least 30 feet. I watched the rocks, trees, and a few pine needles on the bottom while I swam past, and could clearly see the sun rays reflecting through the water. About 50 yards from shore, the bottom steeply drops off, and the the water turns from turquoise to a royal blue. When you accidentally swallow some water, it seriously tastes like bottled water.

Saturday night, I treated myself to a sunset over Lake Tahoe. This should give you an idea of what it looked like.

As much as I enjoyed the weekend, it’s really hard to beat that first shower you get after returning from a camping trip, though.

Happy Monday.