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Tough Love

28 May

Last night, [The Man Now Known as The Ex] and I had to practice a bit of tough love with our pooch, Tucker. We had just finished dinner, a flank steak rolled up with feta cheese, peppers, and spinach inside. Yummy. There were strings holding the steak in its rolled up position while we cooked it.

As I was cleaning up the mess, I placed the strings in the trash. I then noticed Tucker had taken a couple of the strings out of the trash. I immediately grabbed him and looked in his mouth. Nothing there.

However, upon a close investigation of our garbage, we found two out of the three strings. Now I had heard a story from a former co-worker who’s cat ate some dental floss, and it cost her $1500 in surgery fees and almost killed the cat. Hence, I knew that a piece of string in the digestive tract is a really bad thing.

I decided that we’d have to induce vomiting FAST in order to get the string out before it hit his intestines. I grabbed my Dog Owners Vetinary Handbook and learned that you induce vomiting in dogs by giving them one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide per 10 pounds of body weight. That meant six tablespoons for poor Tucker.

I measured it out, put it in a bowl, and sat on the ground next to Tucker, trying to convince him to drink the nasty crap. As he always tries to please, he took one drink, looked at me funny, and then took another. Then he started to walk away. I called him back, and realized there was no getting him to do this voluntarily.

I called in the troops (aka [The Man Now Known as The Ex]), and we dumped the peroxide into a glass and headed for the back porch. He held Tucker’s mouth open while I poured. The stuff fizzed up, and I think most of it ended up on [The Man Now Known as The Ex] instead of inside Tucker’s stomach. We tried three times. Each time, the dog would writhe, and gag, and then run away panting. Finally, about ten minutes after we started this process, Tucker threw up.

[The Man Now Known as The Ex] disected the vomit with a stick and dug out our prize… A six inch piece of string.

We were both so relieved, but then when the pooch kept vomiting, we started to worry that we had poisoned our dog. I also had to wonder if the neighbors had seen this whole fiasco over the fence and thought we were really trying to poison the dog. After a phone call to the emergency vet, we found out that Tucker would be A-OK.

Well, after about another hour and a few more heaves, the Tuck-master is back to normal. I am so glad I bought that handbook, as it probably saved me a couple hundred dollars in emergency vet fees.

Being the ever-loving pooch, Tucker has fully forgiven us, although he was a bit wary of us for a few hours. It really broke my heart to do that to him, and I guess it was a lesson on what the tough parts of parenthood could be like.

10 Years Ago Today

21 May

Ten Years ago today, I graduated from high school in Albuquerque, NM. I don’t feel like it has been ten years. Man, have they been ten great years. But wow, that sure makes me feel old!

The day itself is a bit vague in my memory. The ceremony was at The Pit, which is the Univerisy of New Mexico basketball stadium. I wore some really uncomfortable high heels, and had to make my way down hundreds of stairs, and I was so worried I would fall and create a domino of graduates.

In the ceremony, I was seated towards the front due to my last name. We went to a restaurant called Paul’s Monterey Inn for dinner, which is a restaurant right down the street from where I grew up. That night, there was an all night grad party. You know, the type designed to deter parties with alcohol. My mom was one of the major organizers of that party, and stayed there with me until probably 2 am.

The next morning, my family and I left for a seven day Carribean cruise, which was a wonderful experience. We went to St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Martin. We celebrated my parents’ 30th anniversary, my graduation, and my brother’s graduation from college.

That cruise was such a remarkable experience. It was sheer luxury, and around every turn was a new suprise. I read Gone With the Wind while sunbathing on the upper deck. I flirted with the on-board Scuba and Snorkel instructor, who was 27. Man, at that time, I thought I was pretty cool getting a 27 year old’s attention. Now, I look back and realize that was a little wierd.

One night on the cruise, my parents told my older brothers to ‘watch after me’, and they went on to bed. I managed to ditch my brothers, and met my scuba dude up on an upper deck. I remember watching both of my brothers looking for me on the lower deck, and I just sat there and pretended I didn’t see them.

Another night, I was hanging out at the bar with my brothers, thinking I was a pretty cool 17 year old to be in a bar, and my scuba dude offered to buy my brothers and I all beers. We accepted, and as soon as I got my beer, my brother Greg said ‘let me see your beer’, and he then tapped his beer on top of mine.

I had never seen this done before, and didn’t know what would happen. When the beer started spewing everywhere, I accidentally directed it at my scuba dude, and soaked him with beer. Looking back, that was pretty darn funny. I don’t think I ever told the scuba dude my real age…

I need to go on another cruise!

Back to the whole 10 year anniversary thing… I have accomplished a lot in ten years. I’ve lived in Las Cruces, NM, Fremont, CA, Detroit, MI, and Reno, NV. I’ve done a ton of traveling within the US, and even managed to get to France last summer. I completed an undergraduate and a graduate degree, and have held some really cool jobs. Looking back, though, I kind of wish I could go back ten years and get to live all of that over again. I was on the cusp of going to college, which were the most fun four years of my life.

Perils of Blogging

20 May

Some people reading this blog may think that I just have a boring life. Believe me, there are so many observations about my work and about my personal life that I’d love to post, but I just don’t think it’s wise. Take this article for example.

So when there are days that go by without me posting, it’s either because my life really has been boring during that time period, or it has been so juicy that I wouldn’t dare post it for anyone to read. I work for a public agency, meaning a reporter could very well be watching this site hoping I’ll let something slip. And I value my personal relationships too much to put them at jeopardy just so I can vent a bit.

Speaking of that, this is the only entry my boyfriend has ever commented on (the one titled Confession). So I know he has read my site at least once!

Corporate Challenge Update

19 May

Well, I finished off my events in the corporate challenge this weekend. Here is what was included in an e-mail to our entire organization this morning (names besides my own have been removed in order to remain PC):

Congratulations to our medalists:

Lynnette Cook — Silver, Mountain Bike Race
Workers #1 and 2 — Gold, Horseshoes
Lynnette Cook — Gold, Swimming � 50 Breaststroke
Lynnette Cook — Silver, Swimming � 50 Backstroke
Lynnette Cook — Silver, Swimming � 50 Freestyle
CEO — Bronze, 5-K
Lynnette Cook — Bronze, 5-K
Boss Lady — Bronze, 5-K
Accountant — Gold, 5-K

I rock! 4 out of the 9 company medals are MINE! (Can you tell that there weren’t many people in my organization that got as excited about the games as I was?! Man, I’m a geek!)

Now it’s time to get back into my regular workout schedule, instead of frantically training for a different event each week. I am joining a new gym this week, and will start weight training and swimming in the outdoor olympic sized pool in preparation for the Alcatraz Shark Fest. Hoo-rah!

Preppy Paradise

16 May

I stepped totally out of my character yesterday. At lunch, I went to eat Sushi with my boss. Now, I had tried a California Roll once in my life, but that was my only experience with Sushi. We went to an actual Sushi Bar.

I ordered the safe California Rolls, and really enjoyed it. Plus, it kept me full until like 8:00, which I totally didn’t expect! So now, whenever someone invites me out for Sushi (which I always turned down before), I will be quite game.

After work yesterday, I started a 6 week session of golf lessons. My organization actually owns the course, so I got a screaming deal on the lessons and I know everyone in my class, including the instructor. That makes the lessons much more enjoyable than the previous ones I took all by myself.

So I’m flying solo this weekend. [The Man Now Known as The Ex]’s uncle died this week, and he’s headed to Dallas for the funeral. It’s a sad story… 57 year old marathon runner in perfect health just keeled over and died. They are going to have to perform an autopsy to determine what happened. Scary stuff, especially considering he’s younger than my own parents.

I’m running in a 5K tomorrow to finish off the Corporate Challenge. My team tomorrow will include my boss, the Director of IT, and the CEO. No pressure, really!!!

Laps, Pooches, and Yanni

12 May

I had a very action packed weekend, which means I’m really dragging this Monday morning.

Friday after work, I headed to the pool for a few laps and a good soak in the hot tub. I felt much better after that. However, I kept tearing up for no reason, especially when I tried to tell [The Man Now Known as The Ex] about my day. I think the stress of the week just got to me, as I normally don’t cry without having a good reason.

On Saturday, I competed in the swim meet for the Reno Corporate Challenge. I had previously gathered a team of three other people — just enough to make up a relay. Unfortunately, the men backed out, and the woman was laid off, so I was left to go to the race alone. I did pretty well. One first place and two second places. Not bad for a gal that hasn’t swam competitively in a few years, eh? The wierd thing is that I won the event that was in my weakest stroke.

That night, [The Man Now Known as The Ex] and I went to a party with a bunch of people from the first company I worked for here in Reno. It was good to see everyone again, and we got to hear about the 9 month trip my friend Jody took to Tahiti, Bali, India, and Australia. She even spent 10 days in a monestary in India on a meditation retreat. She slept on a cement slab and wasn’t allowed to talk the entire time. She woke up at 4:30 am every day and meditated until 9:00 pm. Wow. I had some crazy dreams about that on Saturday night, with [The Man Now Known as The Ex] and I on a similar retreat, and trying to decide how to escape from the monestary after a half day, and my Mom being the one to break the vow of silence.

Sunday, after sleeping in and lazing around until about noon, I took my dog and my brother’s dog with me on an hour long mountain bike ride. It was like the first day of Spring — 70 degrees and sunny. It was so nice after seeing snow two days last week.

When I came home, I spent two hours getting the Trans Am ready for the summer… I treated my leather seats, Armor-Alled the interior, vaccuumed, washed and waxed, and shined up the wheels. When I was done, I took off the t-tops and cruised around for a while. It felt great! It’s amazing how much better the car looks now. This week, I hope to do the same thing for my truck.

Last night, [The Man Now Known as The Ex] and I went to see Yanni in concert. The tickets were a Christmas present from [The Man Now Known as The Ex]. I’ve always been a fan of Yanni because he’s the only modern piano player that has really hit it big time. I played classical piano for 13 years, and miss it terribly. I found that as I watched Yanni last night, my fingers instinctively played along with him. I really want to get a piano, but shouldn’t until we buy a house. (Argh — everything hinges on that, doesn’t it?!)

So now it’s Monday, and I’m back in my office for another long week. At least I feel more refreshed than when I left the office on Friday!

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to

9 May

Perhaps it’s the week I’ve had. Or maybe it’s the memories that the recent round of lay offs drug up from when I was laid off. I went into my boss’s office today to ask for more responsibility, and in mid-conversation, I started crying.

I’m not really upset. She didn’t say anything mean. I just started tearing up. Then when she called me out on it, I tried to say I wasn’t really crying as the tears started flowing.

Now I don’t believe in crying at work. I can usually avoid it. If I think I’m going to start crying, I’ll disappear for a while and do it in private. But I couldn’t stop it today. Now I feel like an ass. I think women get limited a lot in the workforce because they wear their emotions on their sleeves, and here I go doing it myself.

My boss was cool about it. She kept saying all these nice things about me, which for some reason, made me tear up more. God, I’m a wus.