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SARS In My Inbox

30 Apr

I got an e-mail with this message today:


The original contents of Body of Message have been replaced with this message because of its FragmentedMessage characteristics.

Quarantined?! That’s a word I hadn’t heard in relation to computer stuff. Must be SARS!


28 Apr

Here are a few exerpts from conversations this weekend:

Scene: Getting ready to go road biking with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. My brother has decided that the gel seat I put over my regular seat doesn’t look ‘cool’.

Brother: “That looks really stupid.”
Me: “Well, I’m more concerned about comfort.”
Brother: “Your butt will be fine.”
Me: “It’s not my butt I’m concerned about.”
Brother: “You just need to toughen that area up.”
Me: “If that’s your mentality, then you’re never going to give me a niece!”

I ended up caving in to his peer pressure, which was later regretted.

Conversation #2:
Scene: [The Man Now Known as The Ex] and I watching the Osbornes last night. Jack was getting his eyebrows waxed in preparation for his parents’ vow renewal ceremony.
[The Man Now Known as The Ex]: “Oh, my God! Did you see that?!!!” *laughing in utter shock*
Me: “That’s what I get done every month, dear.”
[The Man Now Known as The Ex]: “Like that?! Are you crazy!”
Me: “Why do you think the skin around my eyebrows is so red afterwards?!”
[The Man Now Known as The Ex]: “Why would you do that?”
Me: “Hey, some women do that down there.”

Ironically, the next show to come on was Jackass, where Johnny Knoxville was getting all of his body hair waxed, including his armpits.

I’m not quite sure what [The Man Now Known as The Ex] thought waxing entailed before watching it in action last night, but hopefully he now appreciates a bit more what us girls go through in an effort to look beautiful.

Scary Giggles

25 Apr

I went to Pets Mart yesterday at lunch, and decided to get the pooch a new toy, a Wiggly Giggly Jack. This was to replace the stuffed jack that he has torn to shreds, and the pieces are spread all across the living room.

I bring this thing home, and give it to Tucker in the front yard. It did it’s little giggle noise, and freaked the crap out of my dog. He sat there barking at it in the front yard for over a minute. He was literally scared to touch it. He’d creep up to it, nudge it, and then freak out when it made the giggle noise.

I brought it in the house and gave it back to him, and he proceeded to do this little routine, over and over, and over again:

  • Throw the giggle jack
  • Giggle jack giggles
  • Bark at the giggle jack
  • Growl at the giggle jack
  • Throw the gigle jack

I had to stop him after he threw the jack onto the coffee table and knocked over a glass of water.

The whole reason I bought this toy was because it felt like it would be pretty indestructible, meaning that I wouldn’t be picking up pieces of it until I decided to throw it away. Well, last night, I noticed that Tucker had taken a few big chuncks out of his brand new toy.

Today, I noticed the description on says this:

Not intended for use as a chew toy. When you and your dog are finished playing with the Wiggly Giggly, we recommend putting it away until next time.

They weren’t kidding! Good thing I left the giggle jack on the mantle when I left for work today!

The View From Up Here

22 Apr

I finished moving into my new office today, complete with doors and windows. It took the phone guy a week to process my request of transferring my line to the new office, so I hadn’t moved my computer and myself here until this afternoon.

So this is what I can see from my office:

  • The Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • The Truckee River, which is really rushing because of the current snow run-off
  • South Virginia Street, the main drag through downtown
  • The Reno Post Office, whih is a beautiful white concrete building
  • Trees in bloom
  • A crane knocking down an old building (free entertainment!)
  • A waterfall by the river’s edge (manmade, but pretty)

Much better than my wide hallway! I’ll be in heaven for the next 3 months, until I move into an office without windows in another building.


Morning Dip

17 Apr

Well, I drug myself out of bed this morning at 5:40 am and headed to a new gym, considering my old one is too far from our new house. I arrived at the gym at 6:15, and was ready to hop in the pool at 6:20. This is a far cry from my former set-up, where I could get up at 5:40 and be in the water at 6:00.

I digress. So I was trying out the Masters Swimming program that they have at this new gym. I was told that it was a bunch of triathletes, and triathletes are usually known to be not so great swimmers. Hence, I was worried that the program would be too easy for me.

I needn’t have worried. Not only are the participants great swimmers, there is a TON of them!!! The pool is only 4 lanes wide, and the lanes are not full competition width (meaning they’re very narrow). They were packing seven people into a lane. Geesh! I got put into the ‘slow’ lane, which at first hurt my ego a bit, but I was actually the same pace as them. I was baffled. I’ve been on three Masters teams before, and have always been one of the fastest swimmers.

I’m not sure if I’m going to buy into this program, though. The lanes are so packed that the only stroke you can easily do is freestyle, plus the pool resembles the ocean with so many people creating waves. I even smacked hands with a swimmer in another lane, which isn’t a fun experience. Ouch! However, this group does Sunday swims in Lake Tahoe during the summer, which sounds like a lot of fun.

Now, I’m back at the office, and guess what I’m doing?! Moving! One of the girls in our department quit last week, and I’m moving from my current office, which is really a wide hallway, into her immaculant office with an entire wall of windows. I’ll be looking out at the Truckee River every day. Sad part is, though, that I’ll only have these sweet digs through August, as our entire organization is moving to a new building — without windows. Whomever decided to build office buildings without windows should be shot!

In the mean time, I’ll pretend I’m a big wig with my huge windows, and a real door. In my entire career, I’ve had an office with a door for 2 months. I’m so excited to have meetings in my office, and then say ‘hold on, let me shut the door’.

Cat Scratch Fever

16 Apr

Well, we’re already having issues with the new neighbors. We haven’t even talked to them yet, but they’re driving us batty.

They have decided to feed all of the stray cats in the neighborhood. They leave cat food on their front walk, and then they always leave their garage door cracked about one foot, and they leave about five piles of cat food in the garage. [The Man Now Known as The Ex] counted six cats feasting over there yesterday.

This is an issue for us because we have four vehicles, and only a two car garage. Hence, we leave two of our vehicles in the driveway. As we all know, cat prints on a vehicle can ruin the paint, plus their claws can scratch it up. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the cats start clamoring all over our vehicles.

Then there are their dogs. They have two dogs that they never let inside. These dogs bark constantly. They bark at me while I’m in my own house. I have lived in this place for five days now, and have not once heard the neighbors make an effort to quiet their dogs.

Our landlord said that he heard a sure fire way to get a dog to stop barking at you is to pee on it. Our fence does have some holes that would be about the right size for [The Man Now Known as The Ex] to use…. If the situation gets worse, I’m sure one night I’ll find [The Man Now Known as The Ex] going to the back yard to relieve himself!

So now the ethical question comes into discussion. Should we go over and introduce ourselves, and in the same conversation tell them our worries? I think that that effort would probably be in vain. Or, should we just complain to the Animal Services department of Reno Police, and let our anonymous complaint do the work?

We just got out of a bad neighbor situation, and I really don’t want to burn bridges with these people right off the bat.

The Worst is Over

14 Apr

Ugh. Moving really sucks. Have I mentioned that lately? The weekend started off with a bang. Our crazy landlord decided to drop in unannounced Friday evening. We both cringed. The place was a mess — boxes everywhere, plus all kinds of hair balls littering the floor.

She was at her all time craziness, using her recent divorce and bad relationship with her sister as an excuse for being looney. However, she was pleased with my work in the lawn, and left saying ‘I appreciate you’.

Funny. She said that same thing about two days before posting a notice to vacate on my door because she was too chicken to ask for an increase in rent!

On Saturday, we woke up at 7:00 am, and [The Man Now Known as The Ex] went to get the UHaul truck while I finished packing. My brother and his fiance showed up around 8:30, and we worked non-top until about 1:00. It took two trips, filling the largest UHaul we could rent.

Sunday, I spent three and a half hours cleaning our old place. Luckily, the crazy landlords refunded my entire deposit, and gave me a check on the spot. (Background: Our landlords were two 50ish sisters that don’t get along at all. They each would give us different stories, and would trash talk the other one to us. Glad to be rid of the Crazy Twins, as [The Man Now Known as The Ex] called them.) I was shocked, expecting them to really nitpick. I even took pictures of the place, thinking if things got nasty, I’d threaten to take them to small claims court.

So, the unpacking continues. I’m sore, my hands have caluses and are raw fom all of the cleaning, plus I’m dog tired. Coming back to work felt like going on vacation today!!!

The animals love the new place. The boxes are providing hours of entertainment for them, plus they’re chasing each other up and down the stairs.