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Happy Birthday, Dear Blog!

27 Feb

So yesterday was my half birthday, and the official one year anniversary of the birth of my website and blog. Woo-hoo! I’m like, a net vetran now! (ha!) Here’s what I had to say back then.

I went to the most annoying meeting today. It started at 7:30 am. That is pure evil to plan a meeting so early. Nonetheless, I woke up at 5:30 so that I could hit the gym before going to the meeting. I showed up at 7:30, and was told that they weren’t sure the meeting was really going to happen.

At 7:50, it was decided that the meeting really should happen (there were 6 people that showed up for it). So then, they started a 45 minute discussion on whether or not we really need to meet on a monthly basis. I kept thinking ‘I woke up early for THIS’?!

Argh. Some people need to get a clue. Schedule the meeting during the day and actually have a plan of action. If not, next time I’m sleeping in!


26 Feb

How’s this for a diagnosis from my periodontist (gum doctor)?!

‘Lynnette presented with chronic adult periodontitis, occusal trauma, and mucogingival defects’.

Come again?

The Value of a Tooth

25 Feb

I am currently contemplating the value of a single tooth. Is it really worth $4,000?

I went to the periodontist today, and was told that I’m at risk for losing my furthest back tooth on the upper right hand side. This is what he proposed to save the tooth:

1. A Bone Graph — replace the lack of bone I have back there for the tooth to anchor with. The bone tissue will come from all of three places: me, an organ donor, and a cow. Then, they would inject pig proteins below the tooth to stimulate root tissue to regrow.

2. A Gum Tissue Graph — this would repair the damaged gum tissue around the tooth.

Each procedure costs about $2,000.

On one hand, I’m thinking ‘hell, it’s in the back, and would I really miss it?!’ On the other hand, I’m thinking ‘if I decide to just lose the tooth, it will be too late to go back if I change my mind. Also, what is $4,000 to save a tooth I’ll have for over 70 years?’

Decisions, decisions. My surgery is scheduled for the end of March.

Pet Peeves

25 Feb

I have a new pet peeve: people talking on cell phones in the gym. There I was this morning, at 6:10 am, trying to wake up while torturing myself on the eliptical machine. They have the morning news on in the cardio room, so I planned on taking my mind off of my tired muscles by concentrating on the news and weather.

But there she was. A skinny, perfectly made up woman on a treadmill (the loudest machine in the gym), jabbering away on her cell phone. Of course, she had to talk loudly to be heard over the damn treadmill. “Did you get my voicemail?” “Blah, blah, blah….” I really hope she was talking to someone on the East Coast, because otherwise, she is a complete freak for calling someone to talk business at 6:00 am.

I glared at her most of the time I was working out (since I couldn’t be entertained by the TV, I was trying to see how oblivious she was — remember that I’m not a morning person!). I had visions of walking up to her, grabbing the phone, and pressing ‘End’, then handing it back to her. If only I had the guts!

[The Man Now Known as The Ex] says that the other YMCA branch we go to doesn’t allow talking on cell phones in the workout areas, but my branch only had the friendly but worthless grandma working the desk. She hardly ever looks up from the morning newspaper to see who is coming or leaving, so there is now way she would have rescued me from the crazy lady with the cell phone this morning.

[The Man Now Known as The Ex] is actually pretty addicted to his cell phone. Working for a casino, he’ll get calls 24 hours a day, and also on his days off. We could be out to eat, or on a ski lift, and he dutifully picks up the phone and cheerfully says ‘This is [The Man Now Known as The Ex]’.

One day, I’m going to get really fed up with his cell phone, and I will take it away from him and chuck it into his soup or off of the chairlift. Ha!

Dream a Little Dream

18 Feb

I’ve had three lucid dreams in my life, and one of them happened this past weekend. A lucid dream is when a dream is so real, you’re convinced whatever you’re dreaming is actually happening to you in reality.

Well, we were staying at the Nugget on Valentine’s Day, and in the middle of the night, I dreamed that there were alligators all around me. I woke up with a start, screamed, and sat up in bed. When [The Man Now Known as The Ex] asked me what was wrong, all I could say was ‘Alligators!’

Need I say how much harrassment I’ve endured because of this incident? [The Man Now Known as The Ex] thinks this tops my last lucid dream, where I thought a spider was decending from the ceiling. This wasn’t your normal spider — it was huge! That night, I leaped out of bed, ran into the kitchen for a flashlight, and searched the room for the spider.

My very first lucid dream was when I was in college, and was home visiting my parents for the weekend. I dreamed that a ghost came into my room, and was lifting up my covers to ‘get me’. That time, I woke up screaming ‘holy sh*t’ repeatedly as I flipped on the lights. I remember Dad came running to my room in his boxers (Lord knows what he thought when I was screaming curse words in the middle of the night.) When I told him about the ghost, he tried to imitate the ghost by lifting up my covers and saying ‘is this what it was doing?’ I don’t know how he managed to keep a straight face that night. I slept with a nightlight for 5 years after that dream.

So now I have alligators to add to ghosts and spiders tormenting me at night. Joy. What next?!

Dirty Business

18 Feb

I just got off the phone with this man. I was talking to him about doing an outbound e-mail to his database, and was entertained by his ‘surfer boy/ski bum’ mannerisms. I was rather entertained by his bio. Here’s an exerpt:

Born the bastard son of a Midwestern sharecropper, Jim McAlpine has overcome adversity and enormous odds to become a legend and a true icon of his time. The seventh son of a seventh son, McAlpine has been deemed “A pimp for the ages” and “down from day one” in the most powerful of social circles. A rugged, handsome man with a rare romantic soul, Jim is also very good in bed.

If only everyone I deal with had a sense of humor like that!

Lesson Learned

18 Feb

So evidently, when you tell a man that you don’t want flowers on Valentine’s Day, he’ll take that to mean you don’t want anything at all.