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A Death Notice

30 Jan

Yes, it’s true, ladies and gentlemen… I’m sad to announce that my computer died on Tuesday morning. I tried to boot it up, and it just couldn’t do it. Our IT support had the computer all of Tuesday before determining that the hard drive was toast. Finally, yesterday at about 11:00 am, I was presented with my new hard drive. Minus all of my Internet settings and archived e-mails (ouch, that hurt!). I’ve been at this job four months, and have managed to crash my hard drive twice in that timme period!

The biggest problem was my Internet settings. I’ve always been an avid Gator user, because that program remembers all of my logins for all of my accounts online. Well, when your hard drive gets wiped out, so does Gator. Hence, I lost the information on how to log into my own blog, and couldn’t figure out the correct login and password sequence.

I’m ever thankful to the creator of Movable Type, Benjamin Trott, for being so patient with me and getting me up and running again!!!

Now let me tell you, as a ‘web’ person, I’m pretty damn useless without a computer. I spent the first half of Tuesday cleaning my desk (which is immaculent, now, I must say), and then borrowed a co-worker’s computer to check my e-mails. (I later got yelled at for borrowing her computer. EXCUSE ME for trying to remain productive while my computer is being rebuilt from the ground up!!!)

Around noon, I gave up and went home. Took the pooch for a walk, played fetch with him, and then went home to take a nap and watch Shallow Hal. It was really a nice afternoon. I guess there is a positive side to the death of a computer.

I started my Fiction Writing class on Tuesday. I think it will be mildly entertaining, but oh my, what characters are in the class! There was the girl who sat next to me and wanted to write ‘fan fiction’ for all of her assignments. That’s when you take an existing character (like Harry Potter for example) and write your own story about that character. Then, there was the guy who was concerned about being allowed to use cuss words in his compositions because if he was to be ‘true to his own voice’, he would have to use cuss words.

Ah, the life of a community college student!

Spam for breakfast

27 Jan

I just got this e-mail. No attachments. Just this text:

Hello,This is a special humour game
This game is my first work.
You’re the first player.
I wish you would like it.

I wish I would like it, too, pal!

January Day on the Beach

27 Jan

I spent yesterday afternoon with my nephew and my pooch on the beach of Lake Tahoe. It was unusually warm, and we sat in the sand, threw the ball for the dog, tossed rocks in the water, and let Tucker swim around. It was extra enjoyable because we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. What a rare opportunity to have a warm day on the beach at Lake Tahoe in January!

There was a slight fog over the lake, which made the reflections of the snow capped mountains and evergreen trees extra sharp on the smoothe as glass waters of Lake Tahoe. It was breath-taking.

On Saturday, I went snow shoeing with [The Man Now Known as The Ex], my brother, and our dog, as well as my brother’s dog. It was so warm I was just wearing a t-shirt, and the pups had a wonderful time romping in the snow. Afterwards, we hot-tubbed at my brother’s house, which was just what the doctor ordered!

I discovered this weekend that my body has really adjusted to the Body For Life program. You get a day each week to eat whatever you like, and on Friday, I had pizza and a brownie for dinner. Oh my, did my body not like that! On Saturday, I didn’t get to eat every two hours, as the program dictates. I was starving!!! I’m glad to be back to work (kinda) so that I can really get back into my routine. I started week 5 today!

Random Referral

24 Jan

So I was glancing through the top referrers for my website, and I found that for some reason, Chicago Butts has been referring to my website.

Yes, I have been to several bachelorette parties in Chicago, but I don’t think any of my activities there made me a candidate for their site! Sometimes, you just have to wonder about the Internet!

Do you like my new design? It was much easier to modify than I originally thought. Just took a few minutes of reading some directions. I hate directions, and normally avoid them, and hence my blog redesign was delayed. Oh well.

Heart Problems

24 Jan

My office is really a wide hallway that I share with another woman. No windows. Two doors. Our wide hallway connects to another hallway, which leads into the main marketing offices and the exit.

So I had to go tell the girls in Marketing something, and got up from my desk. When I reached the door of the wide hallway that connects to the other hallway, I heard someone else coming my direction from the other hallway. Now I’ve had many near misses in this area, so I instinctively stopped to wait for that person to round the corner.

My office mate rounds the corner, and I guess my presence to the left of the doorway really suprised her. In fact, this woman who scolds me for cussing occasionally said ‘YOU SCARED THE SH*T OUT OF ME!’ Then she proceeds to yell at me “DON’T DO THAT AGAIN — I HAVE HEART PROBLEMS!”

Does she really think I was hiding there in the corner, waiting to pounce on her as she rounded the corner?! Would she prefer I run right into her next time?! I’m sure that would do her heart some good!

Good thing it’s Friday. I’m ready for a break.

Give Me a Break!

17 Jan

This spammer actually got my attention because they started off saying that the Chamber of Commerce said for them to contact me. Well, working for a Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, I interact with the Chamber of Commerce regularly. I doubt they’d have any involvement in this:

Your contact was availed to me by the chamber of
commerce. It was given to me because of my diplomatic
status as I did not disclose the actual reasons for
which I sought your contact. But I was
assured That you are reputable and trustworthy if you
will be of assistance.
I am Laurent Mpeti Kabila (Jnr) the second son of
Late President LAURENT DESIRE KABILA the immediate
Past president of the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO in
Africa who was murdered by his opposition through his
personal bodyguards in his bedroom on Tuesday 16th January, 2001. I have the privilege of being mandated by my father colleagues to seek your immediate and urgent co-operation to receive into your bank account the sum of US $10,000,000(ten million Dollars) and some thousands carats of Diamond.

Buddy, I’d love to receive $10M and thousands of carats of diamonds, but we American’s get that kind of cash through the lottery, not from freaks from Africa!

Estrogen Power

17 Jan

I went to a business function last night held by a group walled WeAct. It was an amazing event. There were at least 80 professional women there, and the event was all set up for networking. After being laid off twice in one year, I’ve vowed to become more networked so that I’ll be more prepared if it happens to me again.

Anyways, at the start of this event, you had 10 minutes to collect as many business cards from the other women as you could. Unfortunately, I only brought 10 business cards, so I felt like a loser after I had run out of cards. I got at least 15 cards. We’re now supposed to pick four cards and meet up with those women to see ‘what we can do for eachother’ professionally. It’s a cool concept. After looking at all of my cards last night, I was disappointed to find that there weren’t many Marketing/Internet types like myself.

So many of the women were really inspirational. They were professional, they were outgoing, and really happy to be there. I think it will be a good gig for me for the future.

I’m off to New Mexico this afternoon to throw a baby shower for my best friend, Amber, tomorrow. It’s still so weird to think that my former bar buddy and guy scamming pal has a bun in the oven. Oh, the stories I could tell to her daughter one day!